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Frequently asked Questions

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Are eliquids safe to use?

Nicotine is not the only ingredient in e-liquid (the liquid used to provide the vapor in an electronic cigarette). Most liquids are mixed using a combination of Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerine (VG) and flavorings, none of which are deemed harmful.Vegetable Glycerine (VG) or Glycerol has seen a large increase in usage in e-liquids primarily because it produces more vapor than PG. VG is used in many foods and beverages and is safe for human consumption. When mixing juices, USP grade VG should be used.

What goes into your eliquids?

There are three main potential ingredients in an e-liquid: Nicotine, Flavouring and a Dilutant. Each and every eliquid we sell is unique and has a different set of ingredients, but they will have at least 2 of these components. We list the main ingredients of each eliquid under each product , but for a full list of any specific products ingredients see the manufacturers website.

How should i store my eliquids?

Keep all eliquids in a cool dark place, preferably locked and definitely away from the reach of children or animals.The optimum temperature to store eliquids is 18-20 degrees centigrade.Remember – Nicotine is a poison that can be absorbed through the skin, so be careful when you’re refilling.

What is PG & VG?

Does your e-liquid contain Diacetyl?

No. None of the eliquids that we list have Diacetyl as a flavouring.

Do you accept returns on e-Liquid?

We accept returns for eliquids providing they are in unused condition and are still in their original, fully sealed packaging. Our full returns and refunds policy can be found in our Term and Conditions.

How much eliquid will i use in a day?

How long is a piece of string? It depends on how many cigarettes you would normally smoke. As an approximate guide a 10ml bottle of eliquid is equivalent to 100 cigarettes. So if you normally smoke 15-20 cigarettes a day then you will use about one 10ml bottle per week.

Which Eliquids give me the strongest “Throat Hit”?

Different brands of eliquid will have different ingredients but it is usually the liquids that are higher in PG give a stronger hit and produce more vapour.

How long will my eliquid last if unopened?

The expiry date for e-liquid isn’t officially established, but based on the life of PG, VG and nicotine it can be expected to be 1-2 years (when stored correctly).E-liquids often have sediment if left still for a while, but if this doesn’t mix when you shake it, your juice might be going bad.Use common sense, if it is more than 12months old and it looks or smells bad, dispose of it responsibly.

How is nicotine measured in e-liquid?

We use a basic measure of milligram of nicotine per millilitre of total fluid volume (mg/ml). This is how the solutions we currently offer denote the amount of nicotine they contain. This notation was defined to compare directly e-liquid to conventional cigarettes. In comparison, an e-liquid of 18mg/ml strength denotes that there is 18mg of nicotine in each milli-litre of fluid. Therefore if you were to ‘vape’ 1ml of this fluid, and you were able to absorb 100% of the nicotine, you would receive the same amount of nicotine as provided by 10, 1.8mg conventional cigarettes.

I just placed an order with you, about how long until the item ships? Will I receive an e-mail?

Once you have placed an order you should receive an automatic acknowledgement that the order has been submitted. Depending on the payment method you selected, the order success notice will be sent to you straight away (if you use a card) or once the payment has been received (paypal, bank transfer etc). When you order has been fully processed and dispatched you will get a full shipping notification. See our delivery section HERE for more details on how products are sent.

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