Best Vape Juice Flavours 2023

Choosing your first vape juice flavour is exciting - there are so many popular flavours to choose from! Are you going to go for a fruity one? You've got a veritable fruit salad of plump and exotic delights to tantalise your tastebuds. How about a creamy dessert? From doughnuts to strawberry milkshakes and baked apple pies drizzled with vanilla custard, your sweet tooth is in for a treat. If you have more traditional tastes, you have an endless range of tobacco options from smooth Cuban cigars to robust roasted American blends. Do you like it icy? Brace yourself for throat-chilling gusts of arctic coolness.


Here at E-Liquids Superstore, we've taken all the hassle out of it for you and carefully curated a list of the best e-liquid flavours in 2023. These are premium brands that we think are absolutely nailing these flavours. Let's dig in.

Factors to consider when choosing vape juice flavours

The trick is to start with what you know you like. What is your favourite type of fruit? Do you have much of a sweet tooth or not? If you are just starting out and want something that is familiar to a cigarette, then start with a good tobacco flavour and over time you can begin to experiment. Not all vape brands are created equal and vapers are quite a discerning lot, so if you are searching an online store, try filtering for the best-selling e-liquids. You'll begin to familiarise yourself with the premium brands and can zero in from there.


It's also important to make sure that the vape juice you juice will work in your vape kit. For this, you'll need to look at the ratio of the main ingredients PG & VG (Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine). Do you have a starter pod kit or vape pens? Then use a 50:50 PG/VG e-liquid. If you're cloud chasing with a powerful DTL (direct to lung) vape kit, you'll want to grab yourself a shortfill bottle in a 30:70 PG/VG blend.


What about your nicotine? Some brands use nic salts in their blends, so you're looking at nicotine strengths of 5mg, 10mg or 20mg. Whereas other options use freebase nicotine which comes in mild 3mg, 6mg and extremely harsh 12mg or 18mg options. If you are switching from smoking, we recommend that you use nicotine salt e-liquids. Nic salts will provide you with a smooth throat hit and kick those cravings to the curb quickly!

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Best Nic Salts

We've sifted through a range of flavours and handpicked the best nic salt flavours of 2023. We think these ones stand out for their complex flavours, accuracy and richness. These are some of the most popular flavours made with premium nicotine salts for a smooth and gratifying experience. There is a vape flavour for everyone here, you might even find your new all day vape!

Best for Fruit

Grape Berry by Elux Legends

On the first inhale, you are greeted with the distinctive sweet notes of juicy black grapes. The rich and tangy berry flavour profile develops on the exhale and takes this flavour to another level. Grape Berry is a bold fruity vape that packs a fruity punch and we think could easily be an all-day vape favourite.

Best for Dessert

Strawberry Milk by Doozy Temptations

This is a must-try flavour if you love creamy vapes. UK e-liquid makers Doozy have expertly blended fresh summer strrawberries with a fresh milk and whipped it up into a smooth and fruity delight Strawberry Milk delivers notes of sweet fruit and fills your mouth with a creamy vanilla milkshake that is pure indulgence.

Best for Menthol

Fresh Mint by Pod Salt

Pod Salt's Fresh Mint is a straight up mint flavour that is anything but plain. It delivers an invigorating blend of sweet spearmint on the inhale followed by spicy peppermint notes with just a hint of icy menthol on the exhale. This is a bright flavour that is sure to revitalise your senses.

Best for tobacco

True Tobacco by Pod Salt

This one is for the connoisseurs, True Tobacco delivers rich and full-bodied tobacco that carries warm and deeply earthy tones reminiscent of a good rolling or pipe tobacco. If you are a heavy smoker and you're looking for something that is closer to the real thing, then True Tobacco is as close as it gets.

Best for Beverages

Strawberry Summer Cider on Ice by Moreish Puff

Take fresh apple cider, crisp and mouth-puckeringly sharp, throw in a handful of chopped-up summer strawberries and pour it over a glass of ice and you have Strawberry Summer Cider. This harmonious fruity flavour blends berry sweetness with sharp and tangy apple tones, and a light effervescence and rounds it all off with an arctic chill of ice on the exhale.

Best for Candy

Bearback by Disorder

Enjoy a delightful trip down memory lane with this wonderfully complex and fruity blend of gummy candy. Bearback delivers sweet and tangy notes of fresh blueberries and juicy raspberries followed by ripe bananas and wraps these flavours in an utterly moreish gummy candy that will have you thinking you are chewing on the real thing.

Best High VG Shortfills

For all you cloud chasers out there, we have curated a list of the best vape flavours of 2023 for your DTL vape kits most delectable options for every taste. Lose yourself in velvety clouds of flavour with this year's best high VG shortfills.

Best for Fruit

Triple Berry Ice by Seriously Fusionz

If you love complex fruit flavours with layered notes of sweet and sharp then you have to try the new range by Seriously Fusionz. Triple Berry Ice stands out for its mouthwatering blend of blueberries, raspberries and blackcurrants - you can taste each fruit as they meld together in your mouth for a delectable swirl of juiciness and a breathtaking coolness that lifts the flavour even higher.

Best for Dessert

Kronuts Shortfill By Donuts

This is a unique one and a must-try flavour if you love desserts. American e-liquid makers Donuts have expertly blended a crispy & buttery croissant pastry with a fresh sugar-glazed doughnut and filled the whole thing with rich vanilla cream. Kronuts delivers notes of crispy fresh pastry and just baked doughnuts and then fills your mouth with a buttery vanilla cream that is pure indulgence.

Best for Menthol

Ice Menthol by Proper Vapes

A good menthol vape, we think, should be minty and cold - Ice Menthol does that and more! This is a truly refreshing vape that delivers sweet and peppery mint notes on the inhale followed by a rich and breezy menthol that will take your breath away with a cool blast of ice.

Best for Tobacco

Plum Job by Rebel X Bogan

Plum Job is a clear winner for our favourite tobacco shortfill, with its unique blend of rich and earthy tobacco laced with sweet and tart plums. The tobacco notes are bold and robust and the plum cuts through this flavour and adds a welcome fruity lightness that makes this flavour really pop, if you're tired of your standard tobacco flavours, give this one a try!

Best for Beverages

Berry Burst Lemonade by Just Juice

This is one invigorating vape that we couldn't put down. Rich berries, sweet and succulent, are cut with a bright note of bubbly citrus lemonade that perfectly balances out the flavour and will leave your tastebuds tingling. This harmonious blend of fresh forest berries and tangy lemonade is one you'll find hard to put down.

Best for Candy

Rainbow by Pod Salt Nexus

Rainbow is a mix of sweet berry fruit and tropical pineapple wrapped in a delicious hard sugar candy that is so authentic it's like having a handful of chewy sweet candies in your mouth. The flavour delivers both sweet and zingy fruit notes and the sugar candy makes this a truly mouthwatering candy vape you won't be able to put down.

Best 50:50 Shortfills

All you MTL vapers out there can rejoice, 50:50 shortfills are becoming all the rage and some of the top vape juice brands are releasing exciting flavours in 50ml and 100ml high PG bottles. You can take advantage of big savings with these super economical bottles made just for your refillable starter vape kits. Check out our guide to the best flavours below.

Best for fruit

Unreal 3 Pineapple Lemon Lime by JAKD

Unreal's famed flavours have been rereleased in 50:50 shortfill blends and we think Pineapple Lemon Lime is one to write home about. This tongue-tingling medley starts off with a juicy tropical pineapple note that develops into a tangy lemon and sweet lime combo that makes this flavour perfectly refreshing and fruity.

Best for dessert

Clotted Cream Dreams Strawberry Cream by JAKD

If you are after a dessert flavour that lives up to its name, then look no further. Clotted Cream Dreams is liquid gold and it hits you with a dense, rich vanilla cream laced with sweet summer strawberries. This sumptuously creamy vape has a smooth velvety exhale which is where you'll really notice the strawberries take shape. Easily an all-day dessert treat that delivers on taste but doesn't overpower you with sugar.

Best for Menthol

Heisenbro by No Frills

Heisenbro is one of the most moreish menthol flavours available. Its delicious blend of sweet mixed berries and spicy menthol is the perfect pairing and easily one that can be enjoyed all day long. The menthol is minty and there is a decent amount of ice to make this one invigorating and tasty vape.

Best for Tobacco

Black Flag Risen by Five Pawns

If you are looking for a companion for your morning coffee, try Black Flag Risen. An earthy blend of robust coffee and roasted tobacco has a hint of vanilla cream and a sprinkling of walnuts for an extra savoury kick. This is a complex and full tobacco flavour that can easily be enjoyed all day.

Best for beverages

Mojito Ice by Drifter

Mojito Ice is a refreshing blend of fresh and zesty limes and sweet and spicy peppermint. This invigorating flavour delivers sweet and tangy citrus notes followed by refreshing mint and a chilly exhale that will liven up your tired tastebuds.

Best for candy

Juicy Froot Bubblegum by Ohm Brew Nostalgia

This delectable combination serves up mouthwatering helpings of sweet and sour fruit with a luxuriant layer of smooth bubblegum. Juicy Froot Bubblegum has layers of fruity bubblegum flavour to keep your tastebuds entertained and wanting more.

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We hope this parade of delectable flavours has got your tastebuds tingling! Did a flavour make you think, "I wanna puff on that!"? Well, head on over to the E-Liquids Superstore and grab yourself a bottle (or five). Enjoy hours of vaping bliss - at prices even your wallet will approve of!

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