Best UK E-Liquids - The Brit Awards

While there are plenty of outstanding e-liquid brands from all over the world, we thought it was about time we turned our eye to the best e-liquid brands in the UK. With more than 3 million vapers and all of us having slightly different tastes, the mixologists have evolved to create some outstanding ranges to cater to everyone’s palate.

Vampire vape

A long standing favourite, Vampire Vape has been on the market since vaping was just taking off. Established in 2012, like many brands they started with a core range of twelve flavours to begin with. Having now expanded to fifty-four unique flavours that are sold worldwide, this Blackburn based company have a few e-liquids in particular that vapers just can’t get enough of.


Heisenberg was one of Vampire Vapes very first flavours and has remained a favourite ever since it hit the shelves. With a secret blend of mixed berries and a potent hit of icy menthol, this one was an overnight success. Bright mixed berry notes offer a sweet and tart top note, followed by the palate cleansing and tangibly cool ice on the exhale. It’s so popular, Heisenberg is available in shortfills, nic salts, 50:50s and even Aspire Gusto pods.

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Another from their original range that still gets a lot of love is Pinkman. Another of their “secret” recipes it contains a medley of vibrant wild fruits with tropical notes as well as a few familiar flavours too. A sweet and refreshingly fruity option, Pinkman is a must-try if you’ve never picked up a bottle of Vampire Vape before.

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Banofee pie

Finally, one of their newer flavours we’ve got Banoffee Pie. Mixing a little fruit with a sweet and indulgent base, Banoffee Pie takes ripe banana, drizzles it in caramel and serves it over a buttery biscuit base. One for those of you who love a dessert flavour no matter the hour, Banoffee Pie is a strong contender from Vampire Vape.

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Dinner lady

Dinner Lady have gone from strength to strength, setting the bar high with the release of their Lemon Tart flavour back in 2016. Starting out with desserts, they’ve expanded into every flavour profile from tobaccos and menthols to fruits and candies. With such a huge range to choose from, we’ve narrowed down a few options to check out (if you haven’t already!).

Lemon tart

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention this one - it’s won awards year after year for the dessert category. Incredibly accurate to the real thing, Lemon Tart has a buttery biscuit base, topped with sweet and sour lemon curd and a sugary meringue crust on top. One that unfolds all its layers as you vape it, even if desserts aren’t your usual thing, you have to try Lemon Tart at least once. Pick it up in a shortfill, 50:50 or nic salt - whatever way you vape there’s a Lemon Tart for you.

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cola shades

A drink inspired vape with a dash of fruit and ice to make things interesting, Cola Shades is a wonderfully refreshing flavour that tastes like summer. An effervescent cola base offers up that sweet fizzy flavour we all love, freshened up with a twist of lemon and a few ice cubes to cleanse the palate. Just like Lemon Tart, this one is available in a shortfill and nic salt format.

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Watermelon slices

One from their sweets range, Watermelon Slices is another Dinner Lady hit. The incredibly vibrant flavour of sugar coated watermelon sweets you’d get from the tuck shop makes for a nostalgic and satisfying vape. Sugary, fruity and with just a hint of citric tartness, this one will delight any candy fan.

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Another fan favourite established in 2016 is I VG. They’re now selling their range in over 100 countries and it’s easy to see why - their e-liquids have something for everyone no matter their nic strength preferences or the flavour profile they’re looking for. With everything from high VG shortfills to 20mg nic salts, I VG continue to delight vapers taste buds. Their range is pretty expansive, but, we managed to pick a few favourites:

Bubblegum millions

If you used to indulge in these chewy sweets in your younger years (or still do now, we don’t judge) you can’t go wrong with Bubblegum Millions. That classic fruity candy bubblegum base with a sweet and chewy candy note tastes just like the real thing. Available in a shortfill, 50:50 and a nic salt base no matter your kit setup you can take a walk down memory lane with Bubblegum Millions.

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Nutty custard

One for dessert fans who like something a little unique, Nutty Custard is a well loved flavour from I VG. Complementary notes of pistachios and walnut are crumbled over a rich vanilla custard, offering a balance of savoury nuttiness and sweet and creamy custard.

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Tropical berry

Finally, we’ve got one of their newer flavours that’s become a strong contender for I VG. Tropical Berry offers a more fruity option to contrast with the sweeter more dessert-y vibes of the other two. This one combines a medley of exotic tropical fruits, a handful of dark and red berries and a pinch of sugar to make for a vape bursting with bright and flavourful layers.

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Wick liquor

Wick Liquor are one of those more boutique brands who have kept their range small to focus on refining and developing their profiles to bring vapers totally unique e-liquids. They’ve gone from strength to strength with their flavours, offering pocket friendly 10ml bottles all the way up to jumbo 150ml servings of e-liquid for Sub Ohm vapers with hungry tanks.

Deja Voodoo

Deja Voodoo is unique in name and in flavour, combining the tropical flavour of ripe coconut with a sweet touch of sugar cane. Smooth and creamy notes of coconut are present throughout, offering a nutty undertone that’s enhanced by the warming flavour of sugar cane on the exhale. A simple pairing but one you’ll unlikely have encountered before, Deja Voodoo is Wick Liquors best seller for a reason.

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A zappy and bright e-liquid, Contra combines the complementary notes of sweet and sour berry compote with a squeeze of tart lemon. The red and dark berry notes with a sugary edge come through on the inhale, pepped up by the citric tang of lemon on the exhale. Bold and refreshing, Contra is one for fruit lovers who want something a little different.

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Boulevard offers up a drink-meets-fruit flavour, pairing an exotic fruit punch base with a generous handful of blackberries and raspberries stirred in. Sweet and almost wine-like punchy notes on the inhale with a distinct berry tang on the exhale, it’s a full-bodied and flavourful vape.

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Doozy vapes

Doozy Vapes have been around since 2014, starting out with a small selection of flavours which evolved into their first three ranges. Since then, they’ve added salts, tobaccos and other sweet inspired flavours to their collection. Doozy Vapes boast full on flavour with e-liquids for both nic salt fans and Sub Ohm vapers alike.

Tropical Pear Martini

One from their cocktails range, Tropical Pear Martini is a beautifully crisp and fresh flavour. A juicy note of pineapple is present throughout, enhanced by a touch of green and slightly tart kiwi, sweetened a little with ripe pear. An almost floral flavour, this one has been a hit across the board with fruit fans.

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Mango lime bellini

The next in line from Doozy is Mango Lime Bellini, a tropical and zingy drink inspired vape. Sweet and tropical notes of mango pervade throughout, contrasting with a citric tang of lime and cooled down with a few ice cubes for a cool finish.

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Honourable mentions and up and coming ones to watch:

There are always new additions and fresh brands hitting the market (and our shelves). There are a few we think are worth checking out if you haven’t already:

  • Jack Rabbit. Jack Rabbit started out with a core desserts range before releasing their fruit and menthol Rachael Rabbit range and now has an exciting new Cyber Rabbit selection out. Carefully refining their e-liquids over time, Jack Rabbit flavours are full-bodied and crisp with incredibly accurate flavour profiles.
  • Supergood. The name isn’t an overstatement, they really are that good. Supergood’s e-liquids are cocktail inspired, perfect for you fruity vapers who like complex and multi-layered flavour profiles. They have everything from Cosmopolitans to Mojitos so you can match your vape to your drink.
  • Bloom. As you might have guessed, Bloom have created a range of beautifully floral e-liquids. Fruity and spicy bases include notes of everything from juniper to lavender to elderflower. Mixed up to a 70% VG base these chunky little 50ml bottles are full of bright and herbaceous notes unlike anything you’ve vaped before.
  • Juice N Power. One for the pod mod vapers, Juice N Power make some seriously delicious nic salts. Whether you’re into fruit, sweets, menthols or dessert, Juice N Power will have something for you. Coming in a 20mg strength, they’re a flavourful option for those of you just getting into vaping and exploring your flavour preferences too.
  • Slam City Vapes. A super fresh range inspired by traditional British flavours, this boutique brand have two desserts and two fruits in their premier range. Designed in London, we love the authentic and accurate profiles of these flavours and think you will too.


When it comes to the best British flavours, you’re really spoiled for choice. No matter if you love a nic salt or prefer high VG vaping with a Sub Ohm tank, there’s a brand and flavour for you. Let us know in the comment which one you rate the highest (or let us know if we’ve missed one that you love).


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