Common Vaping Problems

Even when you’re using the simplest of pod mods and vape pens, there can be the odd issue that crops up (especially if you’re just starting out or getting used to a new kit). Most of them are simple fixes that only require a little tweak here or there to get you up and running again and getting the most out of your vape. We’ll guide you through all the most common areas of concern - from batteries and tanks to the e-liquid you use with them.

Problems getting your vape started:

Your vape won’t fire even though the pod is inserted

If you’re using a pod kit (and the battery has definitely been charged) but there’s no vapour coming out when you inhale, there’s a few things that may cause this. One, check whether you’re using the kit correctly and haven’t pushed any buttons by accident. Some manual draw kits have the option to switch to button-activation mode instead, make sure you’ve not hit that by mistake.

If you’re definitely in the right “mode” and still nothing is happening, check the connector on the base of your pod. It’s a little metal electrode that allows power to flow through the pod to activate the coil. You’ll also want to check the electrode inside the battery too. Sometimes they can get a little damp from e-liquid condensation and the safety protections in your vape mean they won’t fire unless they’re clean. Using a cotton bud or some tissue to wipe your pod and battery clean should fix the problem.

Nothing is happening when you press the firing button

If you’ve got a vape pen and nothing happens when you press the button, again, there are a couple things that could be at play here. The first is to make sure you have enough battery power. If you have an LED indicator and it’s flashing red when you hold the button, you’re low on power. If you’re really low on battery, it might not even be able to do that. Plug in, leave your e-cig alone for an hour then try again.

The other thing to check is the 510 connector. If you haven’t removed the tank in a while, sometimes e-liquid can collect under your tank. Like with pods kits, if the connection between your tank and battery is damp, it either won’t connect properly or simply won’t fire. Giving it a wipe down should fix that.

Tank and pod issues:

Your tank or pod is leaking

If your pod is starting to leak, try and think back to when you changed it last. While it might just be a fault pod, usually it has more to do with the age of the pod. If you’ve had five or six refills from it, it’s more than likely that the coil is wearing out. When this happens, it can’t hold e-liquid as well and a bit may start to leak out the bottom of your pod. The simple solution is just pop a fresh pod in.

If you’re working with a tank, there are two common possibilities, both of which relate to your coil. The first is, if you’ve not installed your coil properly the e-liquid in your tank can travel down the threading and into the airflow at the base. Making sure it’s all lined up properly and screwing the tank together tightly (but not so tightly you can’t get it open again later) will help. The other thing is when your coil gets old, the cotton wicking becomes less absorbent. If you’ve put a whole tank of e-liquid in with an older coil, it might not wick as effectively. Quick fix for this - change the coil. Make sure you keep the airflow sealed when you close the tank up for the first time, this helps create more of a vacuum preventing any leaks too.

Your get e-liquid spitting when you vape

If you find you’re getting e-liquid in your mouth when you vape, this comes down to two things: wattage and the type of e-liquid you’re using. If you’re using a high VG liquid in a lower powered Sub Ohm vape kit, sometimes the coil can’t get hot enough to evaporate your e-liquid. VG is thicker than PG, so dropping to a slightly lower VG level can help. If you’re on an 80% liquid, drop to a 60% or 70% VG liquid instead.

If you have a variable wattage mod and your coil can be vaped at a higher power than you’re currently using, boost it up a notch. Even as little as 4 watts can make all the difference. It’ll make it a little hotter, allowing the VG to evaporate fully rather than just spitting.

Bonus tip: make sure when you fill your tank you’re avoiding the centre of the coil. If a few drops end up in the centre (rather than around the wicking ports) it’ll heat up and come straight up through the drip tip into your mouth.

You’re getting a dry, hot inhale

If you take a puff and it tastes burned or feels hot and dry, you’ve got a “dry hit.” The usual thing with this is you’ve let your tank get too low in e-liquid and the cotton in the coil has dried out. If you’ve only had one dry hit, filling your tank (or pod) right up again and letting it sit for a moment should fix it. The other thing it might be is you’re vaping with too much power. Drop it by about 5 to 10 watts and see if that’s any better.

E-Liquid problems:

The nicotine hit is a bit too weak

If you’ve been puffing away and aren’t really feeling anything - there are two solutions here. The first is the obvious one, you might just need a stronger nicotine level in your e-liquid. If you’re using a 6mg of regular freebase nicotine, you might want to try something a 10mg nic salt instead. Nic salts absorb more quickly and don’t impact flavour - making them a perfect choice for those needing something a little stronger.

The other option is, if you have a variable wattage mod or can use a Sub Ohm coil (instead of a plus Ohm coil) to use those instead. Sub Ohm vaping naturally has more of a nic hit because it’s a more dense cloud of vapour and is inhaled straight into your lungs. You can also try boosting your wattage a little - sometimes even a few watts can make all the difference to get your nic hit just right.

The throat hit is too harsh

When it comes to e-liquid, throat hit comes from two things: your PG content and your nicotine strength. A 50:50 e-liquid with a 3mg nic strength will be a lot more mild than a 50:50 liquid with a 12mg strength. If you still need the higher nicotine strength, but don’t want so much throat hit - try a nic salt instead.

If you’re using a Sub Ohm vape kit, you’re better off avoiding the 50:50 liquids as they’ll hit a lot harder with a higher powered kit with a direct to lung inhale. Switch to something like a 60:40 or 70:30 VG to PG ratio instead.

Your e-liquid has changed colour

If you’ve had a bottle of e-liquid open for a little while, sometimes it can darken from a clear liquid to more of a honey colour. This is totally normal and it’s still fine to use. When you mix nicotine in there, this can affect the colour. The other thing is once e-liquid has been exposed to the air, it can oxidise a little which is another factor affecting the colour of your e-liquid. Generally speaking - if you use e-liquid within a year of opening it, it’ll be fine.

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