Dog Breeds As E-Liquids

The current tally for vapers in the UK is around 3.6 million these days. While we’re a nation that loves vaping - there’s something we love even more and that’s our dogs. With around 9 million canines living in British homes, they’re the nations favourite pet. So, we thought, why not compare the two and give you our view of dog breeds as e-liquids? From little lap dogs to the big boys, we’ve got ten of the most popular dog breeds and matched them with a flavour we think sums up their personality.


Golden Retrievers are the shaggy, goofy and happy go lucky dog breed just about everyone loves. Despite their dorky nature, retrievers are incredibly intelligent and active and if you’ve ever seen one near water - you’ll know how much they love going for a swim.

Their sweet nature and love for water made us think - candy and watermelon. So, our pick for Golden Retrievers would be Strawberry Watermelon from I VG. A naturally sweet fruity pairing of strawberries and watermelon have been enhanced with a chewy candy base.

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This one is pretty broad. From King Charles to Springer, English Cocker to French, Spaniels are a pretty diverse bunch. No matter the variety or size, they’ve been bred largely as working dogs and gun dogs though they’ve made their way onto many a lap with their soft personalities and floppy ears.

For Spaniels, we picked a hearty and comforting breakfast inspired vape you’d have before a hard day at work. Cer’real by Urban Fog combines the crunchy notes of cereal with vanilla as sweet as a Spaniel and a drizzle of cream for good measure.

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English Bulldog

Chunky, snuffly and popular even outside of England, these wrinkly bulldogs adorn many a pub sign as well as lounging in people’s living rooms. These compact little powerhouses of muscle are pretty strong, but they’re also pretty lazy and love laid back company.

For something equally as laid back, indulgent and typically English as a British Bulldog, we’d pick Creamy Strawbz by 50 Large. It’s made in the UK for a start but also pairs those familiar flavours of fresh strawberries, a drizzle of cream and a rich serving of custard for good measure.

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Border Collie

High energy, super smart and super cute, the UK loves a Border Collie. These friendly and shaggy guys were made to be farm dogs. They need a lot of exercise and mental stimulation to keep them entertained (and worn out).

To match the bright and playful personalities that Border Collies have, we needed to pick something equally as complex. Grape Ice Berries from All Star is the one we’d choose - multi-layered with a big old dose of fruit and menthol. Crisp grapes, tangy berries and a refreshing blast of menthol are equally as invigorating as a Collie’s personality.

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Border Terrier

Originally from the Scottish border (hence the name) these bristly little dogs are high-energy, super friendly and come in a full spectrum of colours. Originally bred for pest control (read: rats and mice) they also love a run and dig outside in the garden.

Border Terriers are small bodies with big personalities so we chose the vibrant flavours you’ll find in British gardens. Made in the UK, Cranberry, Apple and Raspberry from Ohm Boy is a tart, sweet and juicy e-liquid that’s as bold as a Border Terrier. A tangy note of cranberry is balanced by the sweeter notes of apples and raspberries for a well rounded fruity vape.

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These hard working little guys can often be found working in airports, train stations and even for the police. They’re led by their noses and love exploring, are great work dogs and were one of the original rabbit hunting dogs.

To match the well trained nose of a beagle, we wanted something aromatic and unique. What better than a multi-layered e-liquid with a complex flavour profile? Our pick is Blackcurrant Lozenge by Doc Locks Remedial. Fragrant notes of blackcurrant and eucalyptus jump out, balanced by a sweeter note of honey and menthol.

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German Shepherd

Staunch, smart and hard working, German Shepherds not only keep sheep in line but they’re also a favourite work dog at the police station. These fluffy boys and girls are incredibly loyal, smart and can be trained in a number of fields.

For a vape as sweet as Germen Shepherds that also gives you that boost of energy they’re known for, we’d pick Coffee Milk from Kilo. Like German Shepherds, this bottle is larger than most too. Coffee Milk pairs a booty shot of espresso with a smooth dose of cream and a spoon of sugar (for sweetness and energy).

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A little like Golden Retrievers, Labradors are super sweet natured, gentle and make great family dogs. They love a run around and are even bigger fans of the water than Retrievers - they were often fishermen’s companions on sea voyages.

To match the intrepid nature of Labs, we had to choose something a little exotic. Our pick would be Smooth Forbidden Peach from Vape Dodo. Creamy notes of yogurt are paired with a peach that’s as soft and fuzzy as a labradors personality.


You hear them before you see them thanks to their squishy faces and heavy breathing. Pugs are the small, chunky almost pig like breed of the dog world - just check that curly tail. They’re good natured, comedic and a whole lot of personality packed into a tiny body.

If a pug were an e-liquid, we’d have to say they’d be a little bottle of nic salts - our pick is Blue Raspberry by Just Juice. Zesty and vibrant, Blue Raspberry combines sweet and sour for a vape that’s as full of flavour as pugs are full of personality.

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These guys are originally from Staffordshire and while not everyone gives them a good reputation, they’re incredibly sweet and good natured and are often great as a family dog. Shorter, stocky and high energy, Staffordshire Terriers are often misunderstood.

To match the underrated and often overlooked nature of sweet Staffies, we had to pick a flavour that wasn’t noticed as much too. We’d recommend the Gold Blend from Nasty Juice. A bold note of tobacco is present throughout, with the sweet and nutty flavour of almond.

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