E-Liquid Recommendations Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Whether you believe in them or not, you’ll almost certainly know what your zodiac sign is. Sometimes it’s difficult choosing your next vape, especially if you’re used to the same flavour. Whether you’re a clean cut Virgo, a charismatic Gemini or a fun loving Sagittarius, we’ve chosen some of the newest and best flavours at E-Liquids Superstore that we think you’ll love. So, if you want to branch out a little and try something new, look up your sign and see which one we’d recommend for you.


Being the first sign of the zodiac and indicating the start of spring, what you see is what you get with Aries. They’ve got that high energy, peppy personality, whether you love them or hate them you’ll certainly recognise them. For Aries, we recommend Grapefruit from Skwezed. Sweet and fresh fruit for Spring without the bitterness.

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Opulent and luxury-loving Taurus are made to enjoy the finer things in life. Often being home-bodies, what could be better than a sweet dessert vape? We recommend Banoffee Pie from Jack Rabbit for Taurus. Sweet, complex and multi-layered - it combines notes of ripe banana, buttery pastry and is topped off with a dollop of cream. (Bonus points: if you prefer a high nicotine strength, Banoffee Pie comes in a nic salt format too).

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Multifaceted and outgoing, Gemini is the sign of the twins. With such a dynamic personality, it can be tricky to narrow down exactly what you feel like on any given day. For such colourful minds you need a colourful juice and Purple Rain from Dinner Lady is just that. Pairing up sweet blueberries, zingy raspberries and a twist of lemon to shake things up - as unexpected and enjoyable as Gemini’s personalities.

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Cancer season comes at the start of summer, right at that time when the weather is finally warm enough for barbeques and bonfires on the beach. For soft and sweet Cancer we’d recommend the flavour you enjoy around a comforting campfire - Marshmallow Man 2. Number 2 combines the flavours of gooey marshmallow toasted over the campfire with a crunchy caramel note to finish.


Born in the height of summer, what could be better for firey Leo sign than a fruity summer vape? Leo’s are big on personality and demand the spotlight - whether they realise it or not. For a vape as big on flavour as Leo is on charisma, we recommend Lava Flow from Naked 100. Lava Flow is the taste of the holiday you always wanted to go on - strawberry, pineapple and a dash of smooth and creamy coconut.


With their attention to detail, strong work ethic and inability to switch off, for get-up-and-go Virgo there’s nothing better than a creamy coffee to start the day. Coffee Milk from Kilo should be your go to. Coffee Milk is a shot of espresso blended with frothy milk and a shot of vanilla, it strikes just the right balance between booty coffee and sweet notes.

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Their symbol is the scales for a reason, Libra are diplomatic and tactful though they can also be a little indecisive too. For when you can’t choose between flavours, the crisp and well-balanced notes of Apple, Elderflower and Mint created by Ohm Boy is the one we’d recommend. Fruity, floral and herbal - all rolled into one delightfully fresh vape.

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For the enigmatic and more mysterious sign of Scorpio, we think something equally as deep (on flavour that is) is the best choice. Scorpio season comes in the middle of autumn, meaning you’ll be eating the last of the season’s berries while the weather is starting to get chilly. Add those factors together, mix it to an e-liquid and you get Berry Cold by 100 Large. Just like Scorpio this one can be sweet but has a bit of a sting with the bracing and chilly note of ice.

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Fiery and enthusiastic personalities who were born to venture off onto the less beaten track, for Sagittarius we think something a little heated is best for you. Sagittarius are born in the midst of winter and being a fire sign we think you should try something warming and comforting. Our pick would be Cinnaroll from Cream Team, a buttery pastry base with a spicy dose of cinnamon, finished with a dollop of cream.


Practical, multi-faceted and a little bit sharp - we’re not just talking about the juice here. Down to earth Capricorn should try something with a few familiar flavours in an unusual combination to break them out of their comfort zone. Lemon Lozenge pairs notes of (you guessed it) lemon with a sweet honey coating. At its core it has a bracing menthol and eucalyptus flavour.

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If we had to pick the hipster of the zodiac, it would be Aquarius. They’re always the first to know about the new and unique things the world has to offer. For eccentric Aquarius, we had to serve up something with a flavour you can quite put your finger on. So, we present to you Purple Slush. With a flavour that can’t be described as anything other than “it tastes like purple” with the added bonus of a citrus and menthol kick. Fruity and unique - just like the Aquarius.

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The last sign in the zodiac, totally dreamy and with a facet of the rest of the zodiac in them, we had to pick a fun and sweet option for Pisces. Sugar Tantrum combines sweet notes of custard and vanilla bean with a drizzle of syrup and crumbled pecans on top. Nutty, sweet and a little bit unusual. This one combines a slightly spicy note with sugary goodness and hint of nuts. You are what you eat vape.

If you’re keen on a flavour from another sign - that’s fine too, you can give any of them a whirl especially with our bulk buy discount. If you think we’ve missed on (or you want to let us know your sign and personal favourite) let us know in the comments.


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