E-Liquids For Your Holiday Destination

Summer is in full swing and we all know what that means - summer holidays and trips abroad. Brits love to travel and we also love to vape - there are over 3 million of us puffing away in the UK now. Chances are you’ll be taking your e-cig with you, so why not treat yourself to a new juice for when you go away? We’ve made our picks for the best e-liquids to take with you based on your destination with arguably the ten most popular holiday destinations. Throw your sunscreen in your bag, charge up your vape and spoil yourself with a new flavour (or two).


Picking at tapas with flamenco dancers in the background is one of those things you’ll almost always experience when you head to Spain. One thing that does differ is how they make their sangria. No matter which part you’re going to, almost all of us love a glass of sangria on a hot sunny day. Usually made with a red wine base and a mixture of fruits ranging from apples and oranges to berries and mint, it’s a jug of unique-ness every time you order it. To complement this, we’d take a bottle of Raspberry Moonshine from Vape Dodo. A fresh handful of raspberries stirred into a sweet red wine base makes for a heady and flavourful vape.


No matter whether you’re off to Kavos for a wild weekend or to Mykonos for a relaxing week in the sun, there’s a dessert we based our choice for Greece on. The humble baklava is a staple on just about every Greek menu. Sweet pastry with a generous helping of honey makes for a decadent dessert you’ll want second helpings of. To match that same delicious honeyed flavour, we’d take Stumps B by Charlie’s Chalk Dust. Combining a chewy note of granola with a mildly spicy note of vanilla and (of course) a chunk of honeycomb to sweeten things up.


Sometimes you don’t need to go far for a break, especially when that heat wave hits. If you’re having a staycation, enjoy the flavours of a day spent at Wimbledon with a strawberries and cream concoction. Our pick? Strawberry Whip from Element. A big old bottle of sweet, ripe strawberries with a generous drizzle of cream. Bonus points: it comes in a 100ml bottle which should last you the whole of summer in the UK.

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When we thought of Italy it conjured up images of someone reclining under the shade of an olive tree with a refreshing glass of limoncello. Naturally, the juice we chose for this Mediterranean destination was a lemony flavour - Lemonade by Just Juice. A mouthwatering e-liquid, this one is packed with the juicy notes of Sicilian lemon. It strikes just the right amount of tanginess with a hint of sweet.

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With such an untamed and varying landscape, diverse wildlife and a whole lot of different cuisines to try, we imagined a vaper staying in a tent in the middle of a game reserve puffing away as the sun goes down. If you’re heading further afield than Europe, we think something equally exotic seems only right. Our choice would be Mangabeys from Twelve Monkeys - packed with tropical notes of mango, pineapple and guava. Sweet, super fruity and just the thing after a long day spent in nature.

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For an e-liquid that’s as generous in size as it is in flavour - just as you’d expect from America - try a dessert offering from Beard Vape. Imagine old fashioned milk bars serving up malted thick shakes with a red and white paper straw. That’s exactly the flavour and feeling you’ll enjoy with No.24. Rich, salted caramel in a malty milkshake base for the taste of America with none of the calories.

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With its untouched wilderness and beautiful climate, Portugal has great success in growing grapes - for wine and for eating. Naturally, we’d recommend a grape flavoured e-liquid to match. Whether you’re sunning yourself on the shores of Lagos or sipping a locally produced wine in a cafe in Lisbon, we’d recommend Grapetastic from Infuse. Fresh, clean and extra heavy on the fruit you can’t go wrong with grape.


Famous for beer, bratwurst and Oktoberfest, we knew Germany’s e-liquid had to be a rich one. While we can’t recommend a sausage flavoured vape juice, we can offer something inspired by one of their desserts. Buchtel is similar to a donut, it’s a light and fluffy roll filled with jam (or curd). So to pair it with this one, we’d recommend Donut Worry from 100 Large. More than enough to last you a week in Germany, this generous bottle of liquid is full of jammy goodness.

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If you’re jetting off to Holland (we’d expect Amsterdam is one of the more likely destinations) we thought a dessert inspired vape would be best. After a long day of pedalling across canals, eating chips with cheese sauce and perhaps relaxing in a coffee shop, you’ve earned a treat. Lemon, Lime Cream Waffle should be just the ticket. The perfect option if you have the munchies or just want something to complement the super savoury beers you can enjoy while you’re over there.


Maybe you’re off for a city break in Paris for the weekend? Make sure to indulge in plenty of croissants, coffee and a spot of shopping. France conjures up those stereotypical images of someone wearing a beret with a packet of cigarettes in their breast pocket. To stay on brand for France, Mont Blanc (yes, they’re a French e-liquid company too) created Piste Noire. Pairing an earthy note of tobacco leaf with savoury walnut and tangy and sweet plum, you’ll fit right in.

It’s always worth checking that vaping is legal in the country you’re heading off to. Laws can change quickly and all the destinations we’ve listed you’re currently fine to take an e-cigarette to but so you aren’t caught out with a fine or worse - make sure you check before you fly.


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