Festival Survival Guide For Vapers

You’ve been watching your mailbox with excitement, waiting through the cold months of winter for those tickets to arrive. Well, now they’re here and you’re ready to brave the UK festival season. Whether you’re heading off for a two-day event or going all out for the marathon that is Glastonbury, taking your vape adds another thing to consider when you’re there. From the supplies to take, to vape maintenance while you’re there and a few recommendations - E-Liquid Superstore have you covered.

Let’s start with your packing list. You’ve got the body glitter, novelty blow up unicorn and enough beers in the boot of your car to make the suspension drop. So what do you need to take to make sure your vape lasts the distance?

  • E-liquid - and plenty of it. The obvious first item for the list, regardless of whether that’s nic salts or a shortfill, make sure you’re well stocked. Once you’re through those gates it’s pretty unlikely you’ll find anywhere selling juice. Aside from that, you’ll be able to help out those poor lost souls wandering around looking for a few ml of liquid.
  • Spare pods or coils. Unless you’re going away for a week, these aren’t a must but it’s always good to be prepared in case you accidentally burn one out. You want your flavour and vapour to stay on point and if you’re puffing away all day, you’ll get through them a little faster than you normally would.
  • A power bank. This one practically goes without saying. Aside from being able to keep your phone charged up, you don’t want your vape to run out of power either. Pop one of these in your bum bag, plug your vape in while you’re not using it and you’ll never hit that dreaded “red flashing light” while you’re raving.

Cleaning supplies. Wet wipes or loo roll - they’re good for your hands AND your vape. Just like when you’re at home, you’ll want to keep your vape clean and tidy while you’re away too to make sure it lasts. Packing a bit of spare loo roll is a good idea to wipe out the inside of the drip tip and clean off any excess e-liquid if you get overzealous when refilling. In any case, you never know when the port-a-loos might run out so spare paper is always a good idea.

When you’re actually there:

In the UK, we like to think our manners are pretty good. Keep that in mind when you’re in the mosh pit - that means no blowing vapour in anyone’s face (leave the big boy box mod at home). You’ll also want to check where you can vape. Most festivals are open air so you’ll be fine to vape away where you feel like. As a general rule, keep the vape outside the tent (both the one you’re sharing with fellow festival goers and the tent you’re raving in). There may be a designated smoking and vaping area for certain parts of the festival so keep an eye out for those.

Which kits we recommend:

We’ve got a few recommendations if you’re looking for the right kind of kit to take with you. They’re all solid on battery life, are refillable (so you don’t need to pack a bunch of pre-filled pods, just e-liquid) and they’re small enough to fit in your ostentatious bum bag. We’ve included two pen vapes, two pod mods with options for Sub Ohm vapers and mouth to lung vapers.

The pen vape options:

Aspire PockeX

A classic fan favourite and for good reason. This one is kind of like buying a Toyota, you know it’ll do exactly what you need it to, millions of other people have one and it just keeps on going. The PockeX is versatile, has plenty of battery and can be used by both mouth to lung vapers and Sub Ohm vapers. You can pop in the direct to lung coil with a 0.8ohm resistance for high VG liquids and big clouds, or a 1.2ohm coil for nic salts and a mouth to lung inhale. You can match this one to your outfit too - it comes in a huge range of colours (yes, there’s even a metallic rainbow one).

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Innokin Riptide

A powerhouse of a battery in a matte soft touch tube, made for Sub Ohmers who like to chug their vape all day. We love this one for when you want to leave your tent for the first set and not come back until the headliner has closed. The 3000mAh battery will keep you going all day and the Kanthal coils are a 0.25ohm resistance for great flavour and clouds big enough to rival the smoke machines. Pair it with your favourite high VG liquids or 50:50s for a stronger throat hit.

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The POD KIT options:

SMOK Infinix

For when you want a quick hit in a small kit, the SMOK Infinix is a compact mouth to lung option. If you prefer less puffs and more nicotine, this is the one for you. It’s an open pod kit, perfect for nic salts and even with its super modest size, you can still fit 2ml of e-liquid in the pods meaning less refills between DJ sets. It has a 250mAh battery and a button free design - the ultimate in convenience you just inhale to vape.

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Zeltu X

For something a little different, less mainstream and super slick to look at, this is the one for you. If the Zeltu X was a festival, it would be one of those exclusive underground ones only your “cool” friends have heard of. Designed in London, this one has a brushed metallic finish (meaning it’s resilient to the accidental drop, perfect for when you’re dancing your heart out) and packs in an impressive 1000mAh battery. The pods are made for mouth to lung vaping and are easy to refill, just unscrew the lid on top and pour in your juice.

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With all of that in mind - you’re good to go. Chuck your vape and charger in your bag, choose your liquid of choice and rave and vape with the best of them. Don’t forget - you can get 20% off if you get 5 bottles or more at E-Liquids Superstore.


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