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If This Then That (E-Liquid Edition)

Posted by E-Liquids Superstore on

While vaping has plenty of options, it’s easy to become a creature of habit and reach for that same e-liquid every time you’re shopping (and refilling your vape tank). With new flavours hitting the shelves every week, there’s plenty to explore so we’ve rounded up some of the best e-liquids and given you a new alternative to try. They’re slightly similar, but with a few key differences to make your vaping experience more enjoyable.

If you love Kanzi from Twelve Monkeys we think you should consider Orange, Mango and Passionfruit from Rachael Rabbit

Sold out

Sold out

Kanzi is one of those high VG tropical favourites that most Sub Ohm vapers have tried at least once. It’s easy to see why. With a well balanced combination of strawberries and melon for a sweet note with a hint of kiwi to keep it fresh, it’s going to tick a lot of boxes for any fruit lover.

For something equally as fruity and fresh on the E-Liquids Superstore shelves, we’d suggest one of the latest additions from Rachael Rabbit. Made by the same people behind Jack Rabbit vapes, Orange, Mango and Passionfruit is an equally delightful tropical offering as Kanzi. It’s still got those sweet fruit notes you love with the juicy mango added to the mix, with a more tangy edge thanks to the citrus notes of orange and tart flavour of passionfruit. There’s also a hint of koolada you’ll notice on the exhale, making it a mildly menthol fruit flavour that’s wonderfully refreshing on a warm day.

For fans of Nasty Juice Slow Blow we think you’ll also love Mango Mandy from Disco Juice

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Sold out

Nasty Juice’s Slow Blow has made such a name for itself you can get it in a shortfill, nic salt and in pods for the Aspire Gusto. Why? The sweet and dewy notes of pineapple that blend seamlessly with a citrus lime soda are wonderfully balanced and the addition of mint makes it extra refreshing.

For a similarly invigorating drink inspired vape, Disco Juice have mixed up Mango Mandy. Disco Juice are from the creators of Cheap Thrills - so you know it’ll be some top quality UK made e-liquid. Just like something you’d sip on a hot day when you’re abroad, Mango Mandy has flavours of juicy mangoes for a sweet base note, with the more tangy tones of raspberries mixed in. All that, served mixed into an effervescent soda. Fruity, peppy and totally tropical.

If you love Lemon Tart from Dinner Lady we think you’ll also love Biscuit Custard from Wonutz

Sold out

Sold out

If you’ve only tried one liquid from Dinner Lady, it’s more than likely to have been Lemon Tart. The e-liquid that continues to be their best seller worldwide, it’s a well rounded dessert vape. Flavours of a buttery biscuit base topped with sweet and slightly tangy lemon curd and a crisp topping of meringue have been delighting vapers ever since Dinner Lady released it.

For something equally and rich and full bodied with the same dessert inspired flavours, we’d recommend Biscuit Custard from Wonutz. You’ll be able to enjoy the familiar flavours of a crumbled buttery biscuit base, but instead of tangy lemon curd there’s the sweet flavour of custard. Added bonus: it’s a 100ml bottle meaning you get more custard for your buck.

For dessert fans who love No.5 from Beard Vape, we think you’ll also love Banana Milk from Kilo

Sold out

Sold out

Beard Vape are one of those brands well known for their quality and unique flavour combinations. No.5 is no exception to that, combining the flavours of ripe summer berries served over crushed vanilla biscuits and drizzled with cream. If you love having the best of both worlds when it comes to fruit and dessert, you’re spoiled for choice. The one we’d recommend is the simple and sweet combination of Strawberry Milk from Kilo.

It’ll tick the “does it have fruit?” box for you with its flavours of ripe and freshly picked strawberries. It’ll also tick that “smooth creamy flavour” box too with the rich and tangible note of double cream. Super smooth with a sweet flavour that’s accented by just a hint of tanginess from the strawberries.

If Very Cool from Naked 100 is your go-to, we’d recommend Blueberg from All Star

Sold out

Sold out

Naked 100 are another classic brand - well known for their fruity blends that are often accented with a note of menthol. Very Cool is one of their best sellers, combining the sweet and tangy flavours of blackberries, blueberries and raspberries with a bracing blast of menthol. While there are plenty of berry menthols on the market, this one has proven to be a fan favourite.

For a berry menthol that sets itself apart from the rest, we’d suggest giving Blueberg from All Star a whirl. You’ll find those familiar and luscious notes of berries but with a unique twist of aniseed to give it a more spicy and wintery flavour. All of that rounded off with the refreshing and cooling feeling of menthol, it’s not like anything you’ve tried before.

For breakfast fans who love Stumps B by Charlie’s Chalk Dust, we’d pass you a bottle of Cer’Real by Urban Fog.

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Charlie’s have always been great at coming up with new and creative flavour combinations and breakfast e-liquids are a pretty unique niche. Stumps B is the vape equivalent of breakfast on the go. An oaty granola bar with hints of vanilla and sweetened with natural honey. Trying to find an equivalent that can compete wasn’t easy, but for you, we’d suggest Cer’Real by Urban Fog.

Cer’Real is a bowl full of crunchy cereal goodness, sweet and slightly savoury with that same vanilla note you know and love. Instead of honey, there’s a generous dose of whole milk poured over to make for a smooth and slightly creamy note. It’s sweet, unique and just the thing to start your day off with.

Variety is the spice of life and there’s nothing worse than vape mouth from using the same flavour too long - so pick up a new bottle (or two) and see how you like them. Don’t forget, you’ll always get 20% off the recommended retail price at E-Liquids Superstore too, so you know you’ll get it cheaper than anywhere else.

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