Match Your E-Liquid With Your Drink

In the UK, drinking together is a part of our culture. Whether that’s your morning cup of coffee (milk and one sugar, please), or a quick one at the pub after work, it’s practically an institution. With that in mind, there are over three million vapers in the UK now too. So, we thought we’d combine the two and give you some new inspiration - our top e-liquids picks to pair with your beverage of choice.

Personally, we vape throughout the day. So, we’ve included those drinks you’ll have first thing in the morning (and in the afternoon when you need a pick-me-up) as well as your pub, cocktail bar and beer garden favourites.



Most of us need a bit of a kick in the morning to get going and coffee is often the go to. Warming, energising and if you add milk and sugar - sweet and creamy too. Capturing that perfect brew in an e-liquid isn’t an easy task but the mixologists at Large Juices have hit the nail on the head with their 50 Large Crispy Coffee.

It’s got that full-bodied, earthy and almost savoury flavour of black coffee with a dash of cream and sweeter note of caramel glazed donut. Perfectly balanced, well rounded and just the ticket to get your day started.

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If you’re of of those health conscious, morning people (we don’t know how you do it), you might be more of a green tea drinker. Your lifestyle is probably “less caffeine, more zen” and perhaps a little bit alternative too. For something a little more unique but with the same flavour notes of your morning brew, we’d recommend Matcha by Moo Shake.

It’s still got that “green” and slightly bitter and herbal note you love, with a smooth, creamy base thanks to the milkshake note. Herbaceous then sweet, it’s a vape unlike anything we’ve seen before.


If you’re not a breakfast person and prefer to just down a smoothie or milkshake to get yourself started for the day, we get you. Bang in some fruit, your milk of choice (dairy or milk alternative), blitz it together and you’re good to go. Banana and milk is one of the classic bases - so we’ve picked one with those included. Banana Milk from Kilo is a big bottle of fruit and creamy goodness.

Sweet and tropical banana thrown into the blender with a generous dose of milk and a bit of cream to make it extra thick before it’s whizzed together. It’s perfect on its own but you can always top it up with a little of another fruit flavour to make it even more unique.

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Whether it’s just “white” or “red” to you, or if you’re more selective and prefer a merlot over a malbec, wine is one of those easy options plenty of people enjoy. We’re going to go out on a limb and assume you probably enjoy a fruity vape with a more tangy edge. We’ve got just the shortfill for you. Vape Dodo have mixed up a high VG concoction in Raspberry Moonshine. Exactly as exotic as it sounds, it’s a vintage any wine lover will appreciate.

A rich red wine base makes for a smooth and slightly tangy top note, balanced by a sweeter tone of fresh raspberries. Consider it a little like a glass of fruity mulled wine that you can vape.


For plenty of us, when the warmer months roll around we swap the usual lager for a pint of cider instead. What’s better than the apple-y notes on a sunny day? If you’re a cider lover, we think something equally as crisp and fruity will do the trick. Our pick would be the beautiful simplicity served up by Skwezed in the form of Green Apple.

Exactly as it says on the bottle, this one is a crisp, clean and tangy bottle of green apple flavoured e-liquid. A vibrant choice to vape on its own, it strikes the right balance between being sweet and fresh meaning you’ll never get tired of the tangy goodness.

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If you like something a little stronger (and perhaps a little more refined) you might go for a whiskey (rocks: optional). You’ll need something equally as smooth, smokey and rich to match your post-work week tipple. We’d recommend something with tobacco and a hint of sweetness to round it off - something just like Patas Pipe from Twelve Monkeys.

Patas Pipe has a crisp and flavourful tobacco base, sweetened up with a hint of dark chocolate and vanilla. It’s a full-bodied and well-balanced vape that’s just the right balance between more savoury notes with a sweeter, dessert like finish.

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Whether you like it because it’s the “low calorie” option or just because of the versatility (slice of cucumber or sprig of mint in there, anyone?) a G&T is a firm favourite. Given the broad spectrum of notes in gin, we thought something that would complement the floral and herbal notes would be best. So - what better than something with floral and herbal notes of its own? We’d recommend Apple, Elderflower and Garden Mint from Ohm Boy.

A crisp slice of green apple pairs beautifully with the sweetness from elderflower cordial, all freshened up with freshly chopped garden mint. This fruity, complex and herbaceous e-liquid will go wonderfully with whichever gin is your go to.

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Sharing a jug of Pimms with your friends is always one of those things that gives you that “summer” feeling. Sweet and fizzy lemonade, the lightly bitter notes of Pimms and a whole lot of fruit with a generous scoop of ice makes for a refreshing drink. So, we thought something equally as crisp, sweet and fruity would be the perfect option.

Our pick is Summer Blaze from I VG. It’s got that effervescent note of lemonade with a handful of raspberries, blueberries and strawberries thrown in all served over ice. Sweet on the top note with a more tangy and fruity base and a refreshing finish thanks to the icy inclusion. If you want to make it even more menthol, pair it with an ice nic shot for that authentic cooling feeling.

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For that Sex And The City vibe a la Carrie Bradshaw, you might order a Cosmo. Sweet, slightly tangy and of course served in a fancy glass. So, for something equally as refreshing and fruity we’d recommend Kiwi and Cranberry On Ice from Just Juice.

It’s got the cranberry in there to match your drink as well as a fresh green note of kiwi to add a little bit of a sharper tang. Stir it all up, serve over ice and you’ve got a fruity blend with a cooling and invigorating note to finish off.

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A classic just as good as a Cosmo, mojitos are a refreshing and citrus packed cocktail. While you might find they’re made slightly differently depending on where you are, you know there’s always going to be a sour twist of lime and a refreshing handful of mint. For something that replicates that iconic flavour duo, we recommend Neon Lime from I VG.

Just like your mojito, Neon Lime combines a fresh and zesty note of lime with a little bit of lemon too, all shaken up and served over ice. A little sweet, super tangy and the perfect partner to a mojito.

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