Top 10 E-Liquids For Summer

The hot weather is officially here and with it we’re all looking forward to a break after a rather hectic and stressful few months. While it might not quite be your normal run of the mill summer given travel is still somewhat limited, so instead you can bring the holiday to you. Blow up the paddling pool to plonk in the garden, crack open a beer (or whip up a cocktail if that’s your thing) and soak up as much as sun as possible.

On top of all that, we’ve been working on getting you a whole new range of exciting e-liquid flavours to try during the sunnier weather. Even if you’re still in the UK, take your tastebuds on holiday with our top 10 flavours. Whether you like drink inspired, fruit based or a touch of menthol, we think you’ll find something new to love here.

Tropical Punch On Ice by SQZD

First on the list is one of the latest to hit our shelves - Tropical Punch On Ice from SQZD. Perfect for those hot days where you really just want to cool down it has juicy notes of fresh cut pineapple paired with a squeeze of citrus, blitzed together with ice. Fragrant and punchy, it’s sweet on the inhale with a mouthwatering tang and icy sensation on the exhale. Available in a generous 100ml serving, this colourful bottle holds the taste of a tropical getaway that’ll last you a good few weeks.

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Queen Soko by Twelve Monkeys

We can’t make a list of summery flavours without something from Twelve Monkeys and this e-liquid comes from their latest release. Queen Soko is a simple yet well balanced pairing of strawberry and lemon. Ripe and juicy strawberries offer a jammy berry base note while the lemon serves to pep things up with its mouthwatering citrus tang. Coming in a 65% VG content, Queen Soko is a vibrant option for Sub Ohm vapers who want plenty of vapour and flavour from their e-liquid.

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Gambler by Juice Krew

If you like to pair your drink with a vape of the same flavour, Gambler is perfect for you pink lemonade fans. Sparkling notes of zingy lemonade have been garnished with bold red berries for a fruity and sharp vape. Just the right balance of sour and sweet, you can up the refreshing drink-like qualities of this one by using a Nic Nic Ice shot or just vape it as it is.

Peach Bellini by Supergood

If you’re feeling a little extra and enjoy the finer things in life, have we got a drink inspired vape for you. Peach Bellini from Supergood combines the honeyed notes of fuzzy white peach with a handful of raspberries, whizzes them together and serves them over prosecco. Effervescent, delicate and unique, this one lives up to the Supergood name.

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Purple Rain by Dinner Lady

While the rain might be gone for now (we hope, at least) you can enjoy the delights of Purple Rain from Dinner Lady instead. This vibrant berry citrus combination offers up the best of summer’s seasonal flavours, pairing the delicate floral notes of ripe blueberries with tart raspberries and a twist of sicilian lemon. As always with Dinner Lady, you get superb flavour and plenty of cloud too.

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Tropic Thunda by Ruthless

Another new arrival to the E-liquids Superstore shelves is the range from Ruthless. Tropic Thunda alludes to the more exotic nature of this flavour but it also contains a more familiar fruit too. Guava is the dominant flavour profile here, offering a fragrant and juicy tropical tone, freshened up by mixed red and dark berries. Beautifully balanced between tangy and sweet, this e-liquid comes in a hefty 100ml bottle with a 60% VG content for full on flavour.

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Juniper, Mangosteen and Apple by Bloom

What could be more apt for summer than a flavour from Bloom? Our pick from this newly added range is Juniper, Mangosteen and Apple. Slightly woody notes of juniper berries contrast with the sweet and exotic flavour of mangosteen, all carried on a crisp apple base note. Unique and one that truly unfolds its layers as you vape it, Bloom are a must have for the warmer weather.

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Pomegranate, Kiwi and Watermelon by Rachael Rabbit

The flavour is really in the name with this one - another delightfully fruity combination from Jack Rabbits off-shoot Rachael Rabbit. The green and tangy note of kiwi has been artfully blended with chilled slices of watermelon, complemented by the sharp and slightly drier notes of pomegranate. Zingy on the inhale with a distinctive fruity sweetness and cooling sensation on the exhale, this one is available in both shortfill and nic salt format so you can try it no matter your kit.

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Wicked Haze Nic Salt by Nasty Juice

Another fan favourite brand for the list is Nasty Juice, with their Wicked Haze being our pick for summer. Inside you’ll find a heady mix of tart blackcurrants and mint stirred into a zesty sparkling lemonade. With an almost tangible fizzy citric note coming through on the inhale, it settles into the fruiter tones of blackcurrants and rounds off with the crisp flavour of mint on the exhale. Available in shortfill format as well as 50:50 and nic salts, Wicked Haze can be enjoyed by every vaper this summer.

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Oasis Nic Salt by Aqua

Finally, a pick from one of our recently added nic salt ranges is Oasis by Aqua. This one is all smooth and ripe flavours, pairing cantaloupe, peach and guava. Honeyed notes of cantaloupe melon offer a heavy and slightly floral note that’s prevalent throughout. The peach and guava offer a subtle and unique “little something extra” that comes through the more you vape. Mixed to a 50:50 ratio with a 20mg nic salt strength, this one is made for the pod mod vapers.

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Whether you’re venturing somewhere exotic or having a stay-cation in your own city, taking a new flavour with you can only enhance those holiday vibes. Don’t forget - all our e-liquids are always 20% off RRP and we’ll ship to you free in the UK for all orders over £20.


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