Top 10 E-Liquids To Try This Autumn

The weather is changing, the days are (most definitely) getting shorter and with it, sometimes our tastes change too. All of a sudden everything is pumpkin spice this and pine scented that - so, we thought why not apply that principle to our vape flavours too. If you’re anything like us, when the cooler days arrive we love a new vape flavour to match the mood. With so many to choose from, it’s hard to narrow your options down. We’ve picked six of the best flavours for you Sub Ohm vapers and four for the mouth to lung vapers. From bold berries and cool menthols to earthy tobacco and smooth dessert-y notes, we’ve got your tastes catered to.

The Shortfills:

All of these are high VG and perfect for your usual Sub Ohm kit. They’ll serve up huge plumes of vapour while still giving you all that crisp flavour you want from an e-liquid. Whether you’re wanting something peppy for the morning or are looking for your next all day vape, we think you’ll find something to love.

Hazelnut Vienna from Moreish Puff

We get it, with the mornings being darker, it’s harder to get out of bed these days. When you’re getting into your first brew of the morning, you can match your vape to your caffeine hit with Hazelnut Vienna from Moreish Puff. Whipped up in the UK, this one offers the booty and slightly bitter notes of espresso with the sweet creaminess of hazelnuts. Full bodied and slightly savoury, Hazelnut Vienna comes in generous 100ml serving.

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Greek Delight from Doozy Vapes

While a holiday to the Greek islands themselves might be off the cards for now, you can still enjoy the flavours they have to offer. Greek Delight has a base note of sweet and flaky Greek pastry, topped with luscious and smooth notes of vanilla custard and a pinch of cinnamon sprinkled over. Super indulgent, warming and complex, Greek Delight from Doozy comes in a 50ml serving of high VG e-liquid.

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Lemon Lavender from Bloom

For something a little different and with a nostalgic floral note from Spring, we’d recommend Lemon Lavender. Unique and fresh, Bloom combined the tart and mouth watering notes of fresh lemons with the astringent and herbaceous notes of lavender. Incredibly fragrant and fresh, the bottles are as beautiful and the flavour they contain, serving you up 50ml of UK made e-liquid.

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Starcloud from Space Jam

Exactly as dreamy as it sounds, we know when the weather changes it’s normal to fancy those sweeter treats and Space Jam delivers just that. Crisp autumnal apples offer a sweet and juicy base note with a subtle tang, contrasting with a gooey and rich drizzle of caramel. Just like candy apples you’d make at home, this one delivers a taste of nostalgia. Mixed up to a 70% VG base, this Starcloud comes in 50ml bottles (with room for a nic shot).

Cookies and Cream from No Frills

Comfort in a bottle, Cookies and Cream from No Frills is 100ml of pure chocolate-y goodness. Crushed up crumbly chocolate cookies have been blitzed into a smooth and rich double cream base. With space for two nic shots, you could also pop an icy nic shot in too if you want a more ice cream experience. A perfect all day vape for cooler weather, Cookies and Cream is a must-try for sweet tooth vapers.

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Jackfruit from The Boring Vape Co.

Another fruit meets herbal flavour, Jackfruit from The Boring Vape Co. is anything but boring. The juicy and exotic flavour of jackfruit offers a rich and dewy base note, freshened up by the clean herbaceous notes of peppermint. Perfect for those of you who are a little more adventurous but still want that familiar note of menthol.

The 50:50s and Nic Salts:

If you’re a mouth to lung vaper using a pod mod or vape pen, we’ve got plenty of choice for you too. We’ve picked two nic salts and two 50:50s so no matter your preference there, you’ve got something fresh to try.

Blackcurrant Aniseed from Doozy

Once the warmer weather leaves, sometimes you want a change from the more tropical fruity flavours - we get it. So, we’d recommend the berry like tart notes of blackcurrants instead. Aromatic and bold, blackcurrants have been paired with the sweeter note of liquorice like aniseed for a well balanced vape. Coming with a 50:50 ratio and available in four nicotine strengths, this little bottle from Doozy is a simple yet incredibly flavourful option.

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Caramel Tobacco Nic Salt from No Frills

Another wonderfully contrasting flavour profile is that of Caramel Tobacco from No Frills. The smoky and earthy tones of tobacco offer a deep base note, sweetened up by the creamy and soft flavour of caramel on top. You can pick a bottle of Caramel Tobacco up in two nic salt strengths, giving you an authentic tobacco flavour with that little something extra.

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Funky Monkey from Vampire Vape

A much loved vape brand with a unique flavour we think more people need to know about. Funky Monkey is like a banana split in a vape, taking the smooth and ripe notes of banana and topping them with rich chocolate and a sweet yet fresh note of aniseed. Creamy, sweet and unusual, Funky Monkey comes in four nicotine strengths meaning this one is suitable for just about every kind of vaper.

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Apple Blackcurrant On Ice Nic Salt from SQZD

Finally on the list, another nic salt with a fruity combination. Crisp notes of red apples offer a sweet base note, tarted up with the more astringent and tangy flavour of blackcurrants. This vibrant pair unfolds its layers as you vape it and comes in two nic salt strengths to choose from.

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If you’ve been getting a bit bored of your fruity summer cocktails, hopefully we’ve opened your eyes to a few new options for the coming winter months. Our e-liquids are always 20% off RRP and don’t forget you can enjoy free UK delivery on all orders over £20. Pick up a few new flavours and make those cooler days just that little bit more enjoyable.


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