Top 10 Shortfill E-Liquids for Autumn

Well, it’s Autumn. September 23rd this year officially marks Autumn equinox - that point where the days are split evenly between twelve hours of daylight and twelve hours of night. While it’s bad news for beer gardens and your summer tan, it does mean cozy evenings, comfort food and quiet nights in are on their way back. To mark the changing of the season (and to give you some inspiration) we’ve picked our top autumnal flavoured shortfills for you. We love a fruity vape in summer but once the cooler months arrive those spicy, cooling and sweet dessert flavours offer a bit of comfort when it starts getting dark at 6pm.

Cinnamon Blaze - I VG

There’s nothing quite like the warming notes of spice when the weather starts to turn. While it isn’t quit mulled wine season yet, you can still enjoy the flavours of cinnamon in this fresh and peppy new offering from I VG. Sweet notes of cinnamon offer a fiery note with a crunchy candy flavour on the exhale. It’s simple and super autumnal, coming in a 70% VG mix with that usual outstanding I VG flavour quality. It’ll appeal to desserts and sweets fans alike.

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Blueberg - All Star

Another spicy offering but this time with a slightly more complex flavour profile is Blueberg from All Star. A handful of sweet berries serves up a fruity and ever so slightly tangy base note, complemented by a liquorice like flavour of aniseed and a touch of menthol to freshen things up. Blueberg strikes just the right balance between enjoying the last of the summer fruit while incorporating those comforting spicy notes and the arctic blast you’re starting to feel when you leave the house in the morning.

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Sugar Fog - Urban Fog

While summer calls for lighter flavours, autumn is the perfect time to indulge in something a little more rich and creamy. One of our dessert picks for this season is Sugar Fog. Smooth double cream, crumbly brown sugar and caramel like notes of butterscotch meld together beautifully for an indulgent flavour profile. It’s smooth, with an almost earthy flavour from the brown sugar and slightly nostalgic - tasting a little like those sweets your grandma used to keep in her handbag.

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Raspberry - Jam Monster

Forget the smoothie bowl or yogurt and fruit for breakfast, go back to the doughy and sweet flavours of jam on toast for breakfast. Yep - you can have that in a vape these days too. Jam Monster does a whole range of breakfast vapes - our pick for autumn is the sweet and slightly tart raspberry jam smoothed over freshly buttered toast. Crisp, sweet and buttery all in one - it’s a breakfast vape you’ll want to enjoy all day, not just with your morning coffee.

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Coffee Milk - Kilo

Speaking of coffee, when the mornings get darker, dragging yourself out of bed can be a bit of a challenge. It’s cold, gloomy and you’ve still got to get your commute out of the way before you can get to a warm office. Coffee Milk is that motivation you need, perfect for when you’re on the walk to the tube (or just in your car on the way to work). It’s a simple and smooth blend. Plenty of cream with a potent dose of espresso and a spoon of sugar to sweeten things up. Made in America, it comes in a generous portion size too - 100ml of “time to get up” flavoured goodness.

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Lemon Lozenge - Doc Locks Remedial

One of the drawbacks of cooler months and staying indoors is it’s also synonymous with “cold season.” Plus side: if you enjoy the flavours of cough drops have we got good news for you. Doc Locks make a whole range of cough drop inspired e-liquids but our pick is the Lemon Lozenge offering. That classic citrus note is complemented by a drop of honey with a refreshing blend of menthol and eucalyptus. Tangy, sweet and bracingly cold on the exhale - this one ticks the boxes for a lot of flavour profiles.

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Fruit Finale - Fresh Pressed

It might be autumn but we can’t have a list without a purely fruit flavour profile. For this season, we’d recommend the juicy flavours of apples, pears and berries that you’ll find in Fruit Finale. In any case - apples and pears are only just coming into season. The sweet and dewy notes paired with a tart handful of berries is something that’ll see you through until spring.

Arctic Blizzard - USA Vape Labs

This one will be hit or miss depending on how much you like the cold. As you might have picked up on from the name - this one is super chilly. A crisp and refreshing note of menthol makes for a minty flavour throughout, added to by a “cooling” note. Not only does it taste cold, it feels cold too - making it a super refreshing vape that’s lovely on its own or mixed with another flavour to add that hint of mint.

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Marshmallow Man 2 - Marshmallow Man

Autumn sees the start of bonfire season - which naturally, we associate with toasted marshmallows. That’s exactly what you get with Marshmallow Man 2, a sweet and gooey note of crispy toasted marshmallow with a hint of caramel to up the sweet factor. A pure candy vape, this one will appeal to anyone with a sweet tooth.

Blackberry Crumble - Dinner Lady

A classic dessert to round the list off, tart and wintry notes of blackberries baked over a sweet crumbly base make this both a fruity and buttery option. Even for those who don’t usually go for a dessert vape, there’s enough of a punchy berry hit to hold some appeal. All of the vibrant and rich flavours of dessert with none of the guilt when you go back for seconds.

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There’s nothing “pumpkin spice” flavoured in this list, but we think you’ll find something that tickles your fancy anyway. With flavours ranging from something you’ll fancy first thing in the morning to homey and comforting flavours perfect for after dinner, make the most of the cooler weather. And - with 20% off RRP on all e-liquids now and forever, what’s not to love?


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