Top 10 Vape Liquids to Try This Winter

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! That means taking your vape juice collection to the next level and enjoying rich and decadently flavoured vape juices. We’ve put together a list of different vape juices from nic salts, high PG and shortfill vape liquid combinations that offer colossal flavour profiles. You’re guaranteed to find a fresh new flavour to cozy up to.

Nic Salt and High PG E-Liquids

Nic Salts are the purest form of nicotine offering a smooth and subtle throat hit on the inhale. Nic Salts also are the best vape juice for ex-smokers to get on with because they offer a quick hit of nicotine swiftly sorting out nicotine cravings much longer than other forms of e-liquids.

E-Liquids with high PG levels include 60/40 and 50/50 PG/VG. 60/40 e-liquids give off a stronger, more noticeable throat hit similar to one you would get from smoking a cigarette. 50-50 e-liquids provide a milder throat hit but more pronounced vape juice flavour when compared to 60/40 juices. Nic salts and high PG vape liquids pair best with mouth to lung vape pods, kits and pens with a coil resistance equal to or greater than 1ohm.

Cherry Tart Nic Salt E-Liquid By Frumist

Cherry Tart nic salt e-liquid by Frumist dishes up a freshly baked cherry tart dessert with a simultaneously sweet and tart flavour from fresh cherries. You’ll also experience buttery and flaky crust on the exhale. Cherry Tart nic salt will awaken your taste buds with warm sugary flavour that lingers on your taste palette long after the exhale.

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Fresh Leaf Nic Salt E-Liquid By Riot Squad

Fresh Leaf nic salt e-liquid by Riot Squad provides earthy and chocolatey notes that are guaranteed to help curb any sugar and nicotine cravings. You’ll experience warm earthy tobacco flavours, bold rich chocolatey notes and subtle vanilla profile on the exhale. Fresh Leaf made our Top 10 list because it offers a warm, sweet and woodsy flavour that will add a little pep in your step.

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Butter 07 Nic Salt E-Liquid By Supergood

Butter 07 nic salt tastes like ripened raspberries combined with decadent white chocolate pieces mixed with a dash of cream and kneaded with a flavourful dough. You’ll get a sugary flavour from raspberries and white chocolate on the inhalem, followed by a tart and buttery exhale thanks to raspberries and dough. Butter 07 provides the wholesome taste of freshly baked cookies made into a deliciously decadent vape liquid.

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Torpedo E-Liquid By Juice Bomb

Torpedo e-liquid by Juice Bomb (60/40 PG/VG) provides the flavour of Black Jack candies offering the taste of sweet black aniseed chewy candies. You’ll get sugary sweet flavour from black aniseed on the inhale followed by a nostalgic rush on the exhale. Your childhood favourite candy on a mouth-watering and fragrant vape juice.

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Shortfills are nicotine-free bottles of 70/30 or 80/20 VG/PG vape juice ratios. Shortfills are higher in vegetable glycerin (VG) which means they’re naturally thicker. Because of this, you’ll experience an immense amount of flavour as well as a tremendously cloudy exhale. If you want the most flavour and vapour from your vape juice, choose a 80/20 VG/PG ratio. Enjoy shortfills on their own for a nicotine-free vaping experience, or add in one (or two) nicotine shots to add a bit of edge to your vaping experience. Use shortfills with direct to lung or sub-ohm vape devices that are less than 1ohm to get the most out of your vape.  

Harambae 50ml Shortfill By Twelve Monkeys

Harambae shortfill by Twelve Monkeys (80/20 VG/PG) will serve up a heaping helping of tropical fruits that will be your holiday away from home during these cold winter months. You’ll get sweet and tangy flavors from juicy guava followed by a tsunami of mouth-puckering flavour from grapefruit, lemon, lime and blood orange. Harambae will offer you rich and indulgent flavours to keep that nettlesome sweet tooth at bay.

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Carnival Big Block 50ml Short Fill By Wick Liquor

Carnival Big Block shortfill by Wick Liquor (80/20 VG/PG) features the nostalgic flavours of fried donuts followed by sugar skull cake. You’ll experience the flavour of fried donuts on the inhale and sugary buttercream on the exhale from sugary skull cake. Carnival Big Block shortfill is the perfect vape juice flavour when you’re craving a wholesome and sweet. Enjoy this headliner guilt-free.

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Hazelnut Latte Shortfill E-Liquid By Mokasmo

Hazelnut Latte shortfill by Mokasmo (70/30 VG/PG) serves up two bold piping espresso shots dressed with warm hazelnut and creamy steamed milk. Hazelnut Latte offers subtle earthy and woodsy tones from espresso shots on the inhale followed by a foamy finish from hazelnut and steamed milk. Hazelnut Latte vape liquid will be your favourite morning e-liquid as the mornings get colder and the hours of daylight become shorter.

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Cinnamon Swirl Shortfill E-Liquid By Wonutz

Finally, Cinnamon Swirl shortfill By Wonutz (70/30 VG/PG) pairs a classic cinnamon swirl biscuit with sweet and woodsy cinnamon. Cinnamon Swirl will give off doughy biscuit flavour on the inhale and cinnamon flavour at the end of your exhale. Cinnamon Swirl will remind you of chilly nights at a winter market whilst taking a bite out of a warm cinnamon swirl biscuit.

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We hope our list of Top 10 Vape Liquids to Try This Winter has helped you find a savoury new vape juice flavour to try. Our e-liquids are always 20% off of the recommended retail price and you can also enjoy FREE UK delivery on all orders over £20. Add a few new flavours to your vape juice collection and make those chilly winter days warmer with these savoury vape juice flavours.

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