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Top Artisan E-Liquid Brands

Posted by E-Liquids Superstore on

While there are a whole bunch of great, bigger names in the world of e-liquids, sometimes you want something a little more unique and under the radar. We all love being that vaping pioneer that discovers a new brand or flavour before everyone else. So, we’ve rounded up our top brands that are perhaps less spoken about but definitely worth a look. There’s plenty for the Sub Ohm vapers as well as a few options for the nic salt fans too. We’ll tell you a bit about each brand, why we love them and which flavours we recommend checking out.



Vape Dodo is a UK brand, founded by three guys who between them have travelled to a number of far flung places. Rather than just bringing back a souvenir, they created an e-liquid based on a bunch of their favourite destinations. Taking inspiration from the flavours they tried, each juice is very unique. In a world of fruit mixes and dessert vapes, they’ve managed to create combinations we’ve never seen before. They’ve refined things down to the finest detail, right down to the packaging which is embellished with hand drawn designs.

WHY DO WE THINK YOU'll love them?

Their e-liquids were created for the intrepid and adventurous vapers with each flavour reflecting an exotic location. With notes ranging from wine to yoghurt and exotic fruits, you’ll likely find something from Vape Dodo that will appeal. Their high 80% VG content also makes them a dream for drippers and cloud chasers.


While there’s flavour notes from across the spectrum (including tobacco, yogurt and fruits…) the two that stand out for us are a more classic combination and a more unusual one. Alpine Berry is a more familiar pairing of fresh red berries with a sprig of mint and blended into a bed of ice. It’s a sweet and refreshing fruit-menthol that we think just about anyone can appreciate. Raspberry Moonshine, as the name would suggest, has a boozy note of red wine with the freshness of raspberries. A little like a glass of sangria, it has a sweet note of fruit with a deeper, slightly tangy and astringent tone of red wine.



Like Vape Dodo, Jack Rabbit have a select range that they’ve refined to get just right. A bit like having a microbrewery for friends and family, that’s kind of how Jack Rabbit started. The founders made their e-liquids for personal use initially but they were just that good, they started getting them onto the shelves of vape shops. Since then, they’ve won awards and expanded their range both in terms of flavours and have also mixed their juices up in nic salt formulations too.

WHY DO WE think you'll love them?

They spiced up the dessert flavour category. These e-liquids were made for those of you who have found the dessert category a bit stagnant recently and are looking for unique dessert flavours.


Sold out

Sold out

While we love the fruity cocktail of flavours in Jack Rabbit’s Rio, their real forte lies in their dessert vapes. Both of our picks have a sweet fruity note over a delightfully rich base. Banoffee Pie serves up a bowl full of fresh banana drizzled in rich double cream and caramel with a smooth and buttery biscuit base. Blueberry Duffin on the other hand is a hybrid donut-muffin base, sweet and freshly baked with the flavour of fresh blueberries mixed in. While they both sound rich, they’re never sickly and could easily end up as your next all day vape.



Ohm Boy was created by Oxford Vapours, who, as you might have guessed are another UK founded e-liquid brand. Like many others, they started off with a select line of just three flavours in Volume I. Following the success of their first range, they’ve mixed up a larger selection for Volume II and thrown nic salts into the mix.

WHY DO WE think you'll love OHM BOY?

Ohm Boy feels like a wildcard when they release a new range, they make e-liquids for vape connoisseurs with the most refined palettes. Their first range included flavour notes like ice cream, bubblegum, coffee and lemonade while Volume II is a complete change of gear. The packaging is different and so are the flavours - with more refined and unusual blends like floral notes and garden inspired flavours.


Sold out

Sold out

While we love the first range, Volume II is something super special. With flavours of the garden in summer, served up in beautifully botanical bottles, they look as good as they taste. Rhubarb, Raspberry and Orange Blossom is a heady and aromatic combination. With sweeter floral and fruit notes meeting the more tangy flavour of rhubarb, it’s one of those liquids that evolves the more you vape it. If you prefer something a little more fresh and crisp, Apple, Elderflower and Garden Mint is a wonderful choice. It still has a sweet, cordial-like note from the elderflower but the clean flavour of apple and incredibly authentic sprig of mint makes it a refreshing blend.



Just Juice are a pretty new entrant to the e-liquid market, kicking things off just this year. With fruit being the most popular flavour category amongst vapers (even new ones), the fruit e-liquid market is pretty saturated. Just Juice wanted to do something different because - let’s be honest - not all fruit e-liquids are made the same. Having spent several months cooking up and testing flavours, they released their first selection to shake the vaping world up a bit. We think they’ve done a pretty good job.

WHY DO WE think you'll love THEM?

As you might expect - this brand is made for fruit fans who want something more unexpected than the offerings you’ll find in your usual fruit bowl. The bottles are super squeezy, making it even easier to refill your tank and of course, the flavours are exceptional. We also like that they offered up their juices in a high VG formulation as well as nic salts straight off the bat - meaning no waiting around for a high nicotine option for pod mod users.


Sold out

Sold out

We couldn’t pick just one - so we chose one for those of you who like something exotic and one that’s a little more familiar. Blood Orange, Citrus and Guava is a fresh and tangy flavour with a tropical twist. The almost bitter tang of blood orange melds with a medley of fresh citrus fruit for a mouthwatering top note, followed by the sweeter tones of guava. Berry Burst on the other hand is what it would taste like if you could put summer into a bottle. A handful of blackberries, blueberries and strawberries offer a clean, vibrant and refreshing mix of sweet and tangy notes.

If you like the sound of these but don’t know which to choose, don’t forget that the more bottles you choose, the more you save. Pick a few of your favourites and see for yourself what the fuss is all about.

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