Top 10 E-Liquids For A Fruity Valentine's Day

So that big day is fast approaching and your partner has been longing for you to give up the conventional stinking cigs, or, you are simply searching for a unique present for your loved one. Look no further – we have gathered our top ten tried and tested fruity vapes, and jotted down what we think of them – trust me, they’ll all add a touch of zing to your Valentine’s Day!


As the name suggests, these e-liquids use the salt found in the tobacco leaf as a nicotine base. They tend to be a more potent option than short fills, and preferred by disposable cig quitters, or people looking for a heavier nic kick. This is due to the high concentration of nicotine and the fact that it disperses around your body quicker.

Essentially nic salts are the closest thing to getting a “natural” nicotine rush that you’d get in a tobacco cigarette – so let’s take a look at the best…

Mango Passion Nic Salt e-Liquid by Salt

You’ll be at it all day with this e-liquid, Mango Passion has a classic tropical cocktail taste with great flavour; smooth and tangy but not too sweet. Juicy mangos have been blended with zingy passion fruits, bringing an exotic pairing that never gets tiring to vape, with just the right amount of sweetness to stay refreshing. Our customers are certainly passionate about this cocktail-crazy vape making this one of our most popular nic salts yet.

Slow Blow e-Liquid Nic SalT by Nasty Juice

Despite sounding a little erotic, this nic salt will definitely leave you wanting more with its many flavoursome layers. Firstly Slow Blow has an interesting sweet and tangy pineapple taste coupled with tart and zesty limes, softened by sweet soda. Then you’re met by a slight hint of mint for that freshen up – if you’re of a naughty nature this one is for you!

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Mr Pink Nic Salt e-Liquid by OHM Brew

Stand to attention and take notice of Mr Pink – he has an exotic blend of tropical fruit flavours, including a juicy mouth-watering mix of grapefruit, orange and lemon. Tangy and sharp this fruity little number likes to push the boundaries with a citrus flavour forefront punch. It’s always a crowd-pleasing, refreshing and cleansing experience with Mr Pink, so why not give him a try and take your vaping to a whole new level.

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Again, the key is in the name with a short fill – they come in a larger bottle than a nic salt, but they aren’t filled entirely to the top, leaving enough room for a nicotine shot.

Whether you’re someone on their journey to a nicotine-free life, you like a lighter nic hit, or you simply just prefer the sensation of vaping minus any nicotine – this is the option for you. So, let’s take a look at some of the many short fill flavours available, the possibilities are endless…

Kanzi Short Fill by Twelve Monkeys

If you’re feeling a little cheeky this Valentines, look no further than Kanzi. With its fresh and juicy watermelons which have been delightfully infused with ripe strawberries, it’s set to make your mouth-water. Underneath the fruit top layer, sits a tropical and slightly tart kiwi fruit flavour, just waiting to reveal itself on the exhale and set free the monkey within you!

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Peach Crush Short Fill by Infuse

Thinking about your last crush, how did it make you feel every time that person came near you or even talked to you - at a guess it made your heart flutter and feel all mushy? Just like those days, Peach crush whisks you away with every vape with its sweet, ripe peach flavour. This e-liquid has layers upon layers of intrigue, it’s full of flavour and simply delicious – an all-day vape to accompany those daydreams!

Tropical Fury Short Fill by Riot Squad

For the feistier of you we have the top UK e-liquid Tropical Fury. With its blend of sweet and tangy pineapples, mangos and papayas this vape certainly packs a tangy tropical punch. It’s action-packed, refreshing and exciting, but with a relaxing side - just like the tropical cocktails and holiday romances of yesteryear!

Delta Short Fill by Alternativ

Although summer feels so far away at the moment, this classic vape brings fantastic, authentic tastes of freshly picked, organic strawberries blended with candied watermelon. A perfect vape to sit back and relax with all day, dreaming about those enjoyable walks in the blissful countryside with your loved ones.

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Banana Nut Short Fill by Element

Baby it's cold outside at the moment, but love is still in the air as you snuggle up by the fire with the rich and indulgent Banana Nut. This vape has a comforting and rich banana bread flavour mixed with nutty notes. It’s then highlighted with subtle hints of sweet caramel which has been lovingly drizzled on top. As the sun sets in the sky, simply sit back and unwind each evening with Banana Nut and feel in your absolute element!

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Zest Pest Short Fill by 100 Large

Make sure you have your teeth in when you refer to this naughty little short fill. Zest Pest Large is a blend of juicy citrus fruits that creates a sweet, slightly tart, but deliciously tangy vape. On the inhale you're hit by a combo of lemon and lime, and on the exhale there is an interesting fragrant orange blast. Overall this e-liquid has a very refreshing fruit flavour that citrus fans will delight in vaping all day.

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Papio Origins Short Fill by Twelve Monkeys

If like the pineapple you’re stunning to look at, have a slightly spiky exterior, but have a lovable but a crazy tangy inside – this will be right up your street. Papio Origins is pineapple through and through, delightfully tangy with a subtle sweetness, and all the depth of flavour you'd get from the real fruit. Why mess about? Let’s get down to business with this tangtastic vape this Valentine’s!

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There’s one thing to say about all of the above, and that is that they are all definitely for the fruitier of you. Only joking, all puns aside, your choice of e-liquid really depends on how heavy a nicotine kick you’d like.

For those of you who after a potent nicotine hit we’d suggest going for one of our many nic salts. For others that like to vary the amount of nicotine in their vape, or simply if you just like vaping without any additional nicotine, we’d suggest our extensive range of short fills.

For more information about our forever growing range and our regular discounts follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Oh, one more thing, as always we’re offering up to 20% off on our e-liquids - what better incentive to trial a new flavour or two?!


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