Top 10 Menthol and Mint E-Liquids

As the clock struck 12am on the 1st January you took the plunge and decided to give up the extremely expensive, clothes-smelling, conventional cigs and opted for a much raved about e-cig. First things first, CONGRATULATIONS and welcome to the wonderful world of vaping!

Now the sky is your limit. But, there is something drawing you back to the good old menthol taste that you enjoyed from the very limited selection of over the counter cigs – well, the good news is that the choice of menthol e-liquids and accompanying flavours are endless.

Take a look at our tried and tested top 10 menthol e-liquids below. We are sure that you will find something that will tickle your taste buds and take your vaping experience to a whole new level...

nic salt e-liquids

This is the super-charged way to get nicotine into your system, as your body absorbs it quicker alongside it being a harder hit due to concentration. Conventional cig quitters tend to like this option as it keeps the cravings at bay in just a few puffs, the selection below for instance all come in a 10ml bottle with a 20mg nicotine strength – perfect for that quick nic blast throughout the day.

Berry Nic Salt E-liquid by Salt

This fruity number provides a delicious forest fruit inhale with an icy mint breeze on the exhale – a firm favourite with our menthol lovers. This is a strong and satisfying all-day vape with a refreshing twist, designed for pod-systems and lower powered devices.

Frost E-liquid by NS20 Element

This e-liquid is very well balanced in our eyes, providing a sweet mint taste on the inhale accompanied by subtle floral and herbal tones, with a strong menthol blast on the exhale. You can simply get lost in all the layers that this interesting nic salt brings – delicately sweet with a chilling finish, an absolutely gratifying menthol vape for all you mint lovers. Furthermore, this flavour is now available as a Short Fill too so you can adapt your nicotine hit as you see fit.

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Glacier Nic Salt E-liquid by Salt

The coolest of the cool. Glacier is ideal to use in a pod-system or a lower powered device and brings a potent icy-cool draw with a sweet peppermint and menthol flavour. If you’re looking for a quick wake-me-up blast throughout the day this is the one for you. So what you waiting for? Treat your taste buds to this menthol lover’s arctic adventure vape.

short fill e-liquids

Short Fill e-Liquids come in larger bottles, either 50ml or 100ml, and are available in lots of fabulous flavours. Vapers tend to purchase these liquids and add their preferred nicotine strength to them, for example, the majority add a single 10ml nicotine shot to 50ml of e-liquid bringing the strength to 3mg. The possibilities are limitless with a Short Fill e-liquid and here are the best of the best…

Spearmint Millions 50ml Short Fill by I VG

Spearmint Millions is a menthol made for candy lovers, well chewing gum lovers to be exact. A little sweeter than mint alone, spearmint is a crisp and refreshing vape that delivers a sugary and cooling flavour - sweet mint with an icy blast on the exhale.  

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Watermelon Chill 50ml Short Fill by Element

Watermelon Chill by Element is a refreshing mix of sweet watermelon and mint. The juicy watermelon notes are mixed seamlessly with a chilly mint layer. This liquid offers a mouth-watering combination that's the perfect summer vape, almost like a fruity cocktail available any time that you should desire!

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Trap Queen 50ml Short Fill by Nasty Juice

This tasty little number offers sweet and smooth strawberries on the inhale. You can almost feel the depth and texture of a freshly harvested field with every draw and a potency unlike any other. Then you are greeted with a light undercurrent of refreshing and cooling garden mint on the exhale. A fantastic flavour for vaping in the sun or as a tasty after dinner dessert.

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Raspberry Rewire 100ml Short Fill by Electric Dew Vapes

Wake up your taste buds with a refreshing blend of English raspberries and fresh mint leaves. This vape seems to be a crowd-pleaser with our menthol fans, most likely due to the minty notes accented with a not too sweet natural raspberry flavour. This is the pure taste of summer in a bottle, a light and easy vape that's perfect for all-day vaping.

Berry Cold 100ml Short Fill by 100 Large

To add a bit of a contrast, some of our vapers do like more of a winter mix and that’s exactly what you get with the Berry Cold; a blend of festive berries and icy menthol. The base of this e-liquid is made up of sweet and rich winter berries, which is then complimented by a not so overpowering hit of menthol on the exhale.

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Flip Flop Lychee 50ml Short fill by Dinner Lady

If you are looking for that totally tropical taste, look no further, this Short Fill offers a sweet but sharp blend of lychee, mixed with zesty citrus fruits on the inhale which is coupled with an icy cool exhale. Great for warmer climates but also delicious at any time of the year, especially to freshen up your taste buds after dinner.

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Cola Ice 50ml Short Fill by I VG

No mouth-watering combination would be complete without offering a cola option, but this one also tends to those of you who like a menthol vape. Just like the famous drink, this e-liquid includes sweet and sugary notes of caramel with vanilla on the top-note, followed by an icy blast on the exhale. Just as good as the real thing, but with none of the calories!

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All in all it really depends on where you are on your ciggie quitting journey or how heavy a nicotine fix you’d like. If you’re looking for an easy option with a definite nicotine kick we’d suggest our extensive range of Nic Salts. But, if you prefer lighter nicotine, or even if you just like the sensation of vaping minus any nicotine at all, a Short Fill may be better for you.

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