Top 10 Tobacco E-Liquids

You’ve turned over a new leaf for 2019 and entered the wonderful world of vaping, you have your first e-cig, but where do you start with the massive selection of e-liquids available?

Well, here at the E-liquids Superstore we like to make things as easy as possible for you, so here is a quick snippet of what to expect from our top ten tobacco tasting e-liquids and who they are suited to…

nic salt e-liquids

Want a quick fix of nicotine with a hard hit? Nic Salts are for you, as the nicotine is absorbed into the system quicker and it is of a higher strength due to its concentration. Disposable cig quitters tend to like this option as it keeps the cravings in touch in just a few puffs. Take a look at our top Nic Salts below, they all come in a 10ml bottle with a 20mg nicotine strength – perfect for that quick top-up throughout the day.

Gold Rush Nic Salt E-liquid by Salt

You’ll definitely feel like you’ve hit the jackpot with Gold Rush. This rich and complex e-liquid includes smoky but earthy tobacco notes, combined with subtle spices and delicious nutty undertones. A great taste that is sure to satisfy with its dark, luxurious depth of flavour.

The Cuban Nic Salt E-liquid by OHM Brew

The key is the title with this one, just imagine sitting on the Cuban shores watching the waves lap in while enjoying a big fat cigar. Those Cuban dreams may not seem too distant, with its authentic cigar-like tobacco, straight from the streets of Havana. A luxurious and rich taste with subtle notes of herbs and spices, which is delicately smooth but also complex at the same time.

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Honey Roasted Tobacco
E-liquid by NS20 Elements

For those of you with a sweeter tooth who just wish to be swept-away in luxurious flavour. Sit back and unwrap the complex layers of rich, deep and smoky tobacco combined with the taste of sweet honey roasted nuts. A flavour-packed and satisfying vape that tobacco lovers could just get lost in.

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short fill e-liquids

Short Fill e-Liquids typically come in either 50ml or 100m bottles and are available a in vast array of flavours. Vapers tend to choose a Short Fill e-liquid based on its taste and then add their preferred nicotine to them. For example, the majority add a 10ml nicotine shot to 50ml of e-liquid, bringing the nic strength up to 3mg. There are just so many Short Fill e-liquids to choose from but here are some of the best...

No.00 50ml Short Fill by Beard Vape Co.

This great vape sits in many camps and is enjoyed by not only coffee connoisseurs but also tobacco and chocolate lovers alike. The Beard Vape Co. have taken the best dark and smoky tobacco flavours and infused them with an authentic sweet and creamy cappuccino and chocolatey taste. Perfect for enjoying the cafe culture at home on cold evenings, as you sit back and relax after a hard day.

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Patas Pipe Origins Short Fill by Twelve Monkeys

For those of you that enjoy more of a classic tobacco taste we can definitely recommend this e-liquid. Packed full with a pipe tobacco taste, strong and rich, but infused with dark chocolate notes and vanilla ice cream. This vape certainly has a powerful kick and will be a talking point among you monkeys!

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The Guv’nor Short Fill by Attitude Vapes

This is “the boss” of all tobacco vapes - with its delicious pairing of tobacco and dark chocolate, laced with subtle undertones of Brazil nut and banana. This e-liquid offers sensually smooth tobacco enhanced wonderfully by its flavour notes, adding layers upon layers of interest. Exquisitely crafted and unique giving you almost a sense of power with every draw.

Chilled Tobacco Short Fill by Cosmic Fog

Anything with the name “Cosmic” suggests cheeky and playful to us, and this e-liquid certainly lives up to its expectations. It has both light and dark earthy tobacco flavours which have been combined with a fresh peppermint twist and a little chocolate to sweeten it up. This is then followed by a sassy little aftertaste, something that will definitely brighten up your break time!

Piste Noire Short Fill by Mont Blanc

Sheer elegance springs to mind when tasting this e-liquid. With rich layered tobacco flavours for a smooth and satisfying pull. You are then greeted by a dark sweet and slightly tart plum taste accompanied by warm and earthy walnuts. An all-day tobacco vape, that's got a depth of flavour unlike any other.

Little Havana Short Fill by Miami Drip Club

Little Havana is for all you dessert fans. This vape offers a sweet and decadent blend of soft caramels and spicy cinnamon top notes with a rich biscuit base. The light tobacco aftertaste adds an interesting smoky exhale that lingers on the palate and in the air – absolutely satisfying and flavour notes that top chefs would crave!

King Bellman Short Fill by Charles Chalk Dust

This interesting e-liquid is an RY4 type tobacco with a difference. Sun-cured tobacco leaves are coated with brown sugar before being blended with toffee and caramel notes. To finish it has some spicy and authentic vanilla flavours offering a tobacco sensation that everyone can enjoy.


Overall it really depends on how heavy a nicotine fix you’d like. If you’re looking for an easy option with a definite nicotine kick we’d suggest our huge range of Nic Salts. But, if lighter nicotine is more your thing, or even if you just like the sensation of vaping without any nicotine, the Short Fill may be better for you.


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