What strength vape juice should I buy?

If you’ve just purchased a vape or are thinking about buying one, you might be unsure of which strength vape juice to buy with it. It all depends on where you are in your vaping journey. Keep reading to find how to determine which strength vape juice to use with your vape kit.


Nicotine is a stimulant that alters the way the brain functions. Most people who use nicotine report feeling a buzz or increased focus. When nicotine is absorbed by the body, it releases a chemical called dopamine, which is widely known as the feel good hormone. Nicotine is a naturally occurring substance that comes from several different kinds of plants, one of which include the tobacco plant. Believe it or not, nicotine also exists in a wide range of fruits and vegetables like potatoes, tomatoes and even aubergine but in very slight traces. Nicotine itself does not cause cancer, but is highly addictive.


The little numbers printed on e-liquid labels stand for the milliliter of nicotine present in the vape juice. These numbers can be written in milligrams as well as a percentage. So you might see 3mg or 6mg, which can also be written out as 0.3% or 0.6%. The number of milligrams is multiplied by .10 which will give you the percentage of nicotine. Visevera, multiplying the percentage of nicotine by 10 will give you the amount of nicotine in milligrams.


The amount of nicotine in a single cigarette can be tough to pinpoint as it could range from 8mg to 20mg. However it’s found that most cigarettes contain around 12mg of nicotine. E-liquids contain anywhere from 3mg to 20mg of nicotine. It is also important to note that vaping actually delivers less nicotine than smoking. This means you might have to tweak the level of nicotine you choose to get your desired dose.


Social smokers - If you’re a social smoker, you might want to use 0mg or 3mg, The 0mg contains no nicotine and is great option if you like how smoking feels but want a nicotine-free vaping experience or for vaping conessiours who want to produce some tremendously cloudy vape clouds to perform vape tricks. Alternatively, the 3mg dosage will give you a slight rush whilst also delivering a small amount of nicotine.


Light smokers - If you smoke five or less cigarettes a day, we recommend you use e-liquids that contain 6mg of nicotine. 6mg of nicotine is on the lighter side of the nicotine spectrum, but will still give you a bit of edge. It’s also great for ex-heavy smokers who have tapered their cigarettes down to five or less a day.


Average smokers - If you’re smoking 10 cigarettes per day, you’re classified as an average smoker. 10mg or 12mg is a good starting point because it is that sweet spot where you’ll get just the right amount of nicotine.


Heavy smokers - Heavy smokers tend to smoke 20 or more cigarettes per day. We recommend heavy smokers to use 18mg or 20mg which is the highest e-liquid nicotine dosage per TPD guidelines. 18mg and 20mg will provide you with enough nicotine to keep cravings at bay.


  • Nicotine salts and 50-50 e-liquids are not created equal. Nicotine salts give you a smooth inhale, which means you won't experience the same sensation you get after inhaling cigarette smoke. 50-50 e-liquids (also known as freebase e-liquids) deliver a throat hit on the inhale. If you aren’t a fan of a throat hit, stick to nic salts. If you like the idea of a throat hit that is identical to smoking, use 50-50 e-liquids. Also keep in mind, the higher 50-50 milligram concentration you choose, the more prominent your throat hit will be.

  • If you’re a heavy smoker, don’t reduce your nicotine intake straight away. Give yourself time to get used to vaping and how it feels. Choose the 18mg or 20mg nicotine dosage and slowly taper down instead.

  • Not all vape kits are created equal. New vapers who’ve recently quit smoking tend to gravitate towards mouth to lung kits as they offer a vaping experience that is similar to smoking. MTL vaping will give you a noticeable throat hit, slightly restricted inhale, modest amount of vapour and also will allow you to vape more variations of nicotine strengths. If you choose a DTL/Sub Ohm kit, you’ll get enormous vape clouds, a looser finale however the highest amount of nicotine you’ll be able to get will be just over 3mg (one nicotine shot with a 50ml shortfill and two with a 100ml shortfill). So keep this in mind when you’re purchasing your kit.

  • If you’re still unsure which vaping style to choose, choose a kit that offers MTL and DTL vaping. This means choosing a vape kit that comes with or is compatible with coils with a resistance level of 0.6ohm or less (direct to lung vaping) and also 0.8ohm and over (mouth to lung vaping). Get the best of both worlds, just make sure you use high VG e-liquids with coils 0.6ohm (shortfill with a nicotine shot) or less and high PG e-liquids for coils 0.8ohm and over (nicotine salts and 50-50 e-liquids).

This concludes our guide on what strength vape juice you should buy. If you have any questions about nicotine, vape juice or anything else vape related, give us a shout. We’re always happy to lend out a helping hand. Contact us by phone or you can send us a message using our online contact form.


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