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      Nic Salts

      Nic salts are for the vapers who want a bit of everything - a high nicotine level, a smooth throat hit and incredible flavour. The unique format of nicotine salts delivers a super quick hit with every puff. Its formulation also means you don’t need to compromise on flavour. The chemistry behind it means the nic salt juice is more chemically stable. As such, you don’t get the harsh peppery flavour of freebase nicotine when you use it at a higher dose. This makes nic salts perfect for those looking for 12mg nicotine strength and higher.
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      What else to know about Nic Salts?

      The variety of Nic Salts now available on today's market has exploded, this has been partly down to the increase in popularity of Pod Kits. You now have a myriad of incredible flavours available to you, with new releases coming out every month. So whether you want a plain and simple tobacco, or a more complex dessert or fruit flavour profile, there’s a nicotine salt for everyone’s taste.

      Perfect for using in pod kits, nic salts are a cost efficient way of vaping as you need less of them to get your necessary dose. Choose from a variety of strengths, brands and flavours. You’ve also got the option to get pre-filled salt nicotine e liquid pods for specific devices.