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      Short Fills

      At E-Liquid Superstore, we’re all about saving you money. Short fill e-liquids are quite simply larger bottles of e-liquid that are the most cost effective way to buy in bulk. With TPD restricting how much vape liquid you can buy that contains nicotine, short fills are the happy medium. They allow vapers to add nicotine shots to larger bottles and mix to just the right strength.
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      A little more about Short Fill E-Liquids

      These super-sized bottles are pretty self explanatory. They’re usually a 50ml shortfill that’s literally short filled by 10mls to give you just enough space for a nicotine shot. You can also get 100ml e liquid bottles with enough space for two nic shots for the seriously hungry tanks (or when you find a flavour you can’t get enough of). You can also get 30ml short fill bottles that need only half a nic shot, perfect for when you're on the go. 

      To mix your short fill e-liquid just open the lid up and pop out the pipette (using pliers usually makes it easier). Squeeze in the contents of your nic shot, then pop the pipette back in. Shake it up for a while, make sure it’s well mixed so you have an even nicotine distribution throughout your juice. Let the bubbles settle and you’re ready to vape. Giving your bottle the odd shake now and again helps make sure everything stays nice and even so you get the best out of your juice with every tank refill.

      You’ll find just about every flavour variety under the sun here, whether you’re a fruit fan, a dessert lover or a die hard tobacco fiend, pick up a short fill of your favourite.