Are Pod Systems Better Than Disposables?

Most people using disposables generally choose to use them not only for their great, intense flavours but also for their fuss-free nature as well as being an easy vaping option on the go. But what about pod systems? These kits are pretty easy to maintain too and can be used time and time again. Not only can these kits do the same job, but they will also save you some money in the long run.

Are Pod Systems Better Than Disposables?

There are many advantages to using a pod system over a disposable:

  • Rechargeable - Instead of constantly throwing out your disposable pen, a pod kit allows you to recharge it and use again lasting you longer.

  • Customisation - Settings can be adjusted on many pod kits if you choose to. This includes changing the airflow, adjusting wattage and sometimes even switching between DTL and MTL experiences

  • Environmentally friendly - While disposables are easy and convenient to use, if not disposed of responsibly, they aren’t great for the environment. In comparison, pod systems are a lot more sustainable.

  • Saves you money - Due to the design of a pod kit, if looked after correctly, this will last you much longer, allowing you to keep a device without having to constantly replace it.

Are Pod Systems a Cheaper Option?

Yes - over time, pod systems will save you money. Of course, pods and coils will vary in price depending on the brand and the compatibility to the kit you have. How often you use the kit will also affect how regularly your coils or pods need changing. On average, If you’re using disposables, say 1 every 2 days, this will cost you roughly £20 a week. This works out to be £87 in a month and £1040 over a year.

In comparison, a pod system on average costs around £639 to maintain in a year, making you massive savings. While the initial cost will be higher (the bulk of the cost being made up from the actual device itself), in a year you’re looking at saving around £400.

Cost of disposables v refillable vapes over a year

On average, a pod kit costs around £20. You will also need liquids, pods and depending on your chosen kit, you may also need to buy separate coils.This will cost you roughly:

  • £12 per week

  • £53 per month

  • £639 per year


This will depend entirely on how often you use the kit. If you’re taking care of the kit well (cleaning parts, making sure there is no liquid residue or dust), a pod system can last for years. Keeping a pod and device clean means you’re less likely to run into issues with it long term. Charging the kit from a suitable source (from the TV or computer) can also help maintain the battery life.


If you’re looking at vaping for an extended amount of vaping for example: as a tool to quit smoking permanently, then a pod system is definitely beneficial and worth investing in. As you can choose what liquids you prefer, you can switch up your experience without having to switch out the kit.

What Should I Look For When Buying A Pod?

  • Is the kit suitable for MTL or DTL vaping - While most pod systems will cater to MTL due to their battery sizes, there are a few exceptions which do allow for DTL vaping. This will mean checking the coil resistance and what liquids are compatible for use.

  • Is the pod compatible with the kit - It can sometimes be confusing when looking for the replacement pods. Make sure to check that the pod is compatible with the kit that you have or else it will not fit.

  • Is this kit a pre-filled closed pod system - a closed pod kit means that the coil is pre-installed and if it is also pre-filled with e-liquid, you will have less flavour choices.

Do You Have To Use Nic Salts In Pod Systems?

Most standard pod systems are better suited to higher PG liquids like a 50:50 and 60:40 due to their smaller batteries. This means that nicotine salts are also recommended for use in these types of kits.

However, there are a few larger pod systems suitable for DTL vaping. Keep an eye out for lower resistance coils included with these kits - these can be used with high VG liquids such as shortfills instead.

Image of nicotines salts and a shortfill

Are Pod Systems Good For Beginners?

Pod Systems are a great option for beginners due to their easy and hassle-free design.

How Does A Beginner Use A Vape Pod?

In order to get the most of your pod, you’ll want to make sure you’re doing a few things. Prime your coil first which will mean filling the pod with liquid and then leaving the coil to saturate for about 10 minutes before use so it doesn't burn out quickly.

Do Pod Systems Have Coils?

All pod kits have coils but only some will require you to actually change the coil separately. If you are looking at a closed pod system, this will mean that the coil is pre-installed into the pod. Once the coil has burnt out, you simply just replace it with a new one.

A fixed coil pod

Do You Need To Replace Coils In Pods?

Other kits with replaceable coils will need a little more maintenance. Once the coil has burnt out, you will need to change it. This usually just entails pulling out your old one and pushing in a new one.

A replaceable coil pod

How Can I Make My Pod Cartridge Last Longer?

Generally a pod can last anywhere between a few days and a few weeks. This will be entirely dependent on how often you are using the kit. For someone who is using their kit frequently, you’re looking at a pod lasting between 3-5 days. If you’re using it a lot less, this could last you between 1-2 weeks. If you’re looking at getting the most out of your pod, there are a few ways that you can make your pod cartridge last a little longer.

  • Always prime your coil before use - leaving your liquid to sit in the pod for around 10 minutes allows the coil to saturate so that it doesn’t burn out on first use.

  • Try not to chain vape - the more frequently you puff in a short space of time, the more likely your pod is to die out. Leave a few seconds between puffs to allow the coil to recover before using again.

Is A Disposable Pod Better Than A Refillable Pod?

Disposable pods are definitely the more convenient option. They are ready to use straight out of the box as you don’t have to constantly refill them. However, refillable pods can reduce long-term costs. They allow you to choose e-liquids of your preference and cost less than a disposable pod. Having the option to choose your flavour gives vapers a more customisable vaping experience while also being cost-friendly.

Are There Disadvantages of Using Refillable Pods?

Most pods are only suitable or designed for a specific kit so you’ll have to be careful to buy the correct ones that are compatible with your kit.

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