What are the Best Vape Brands in the UK


Since its inception in 2012, vaping has evolved into a £2.8bn industry catering to over 3.7 million people and the list of brands out there is extensive. Many have been around since the early days, consistently staying ahead of the game and producing some of the most innovative kits and e-liquids popular among vapers today. However, there are also a lot of recent newcomers giving them a run for their money. It is a competitive and rapidly growing industry driven by the demand for user-friendly vape kit designs and the sweetest new e-liquid flavours.

With so many to choose from, you may be asking yourself what the most trustworthy brands in the UK are. Who consistently makes the best vape kits? And which brands produce the most flavourful e-liquids? So we’ve handpicked a list of the Top 10 Best Vape Brands in the UK and broken the list down into the 5 best vape kit brands and 5 best e-liquid manufacturers. Our list represents some of the best-selling brands making the most sought-after vaping products on the market, let's jump right in!

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Top 5 Vape Kit Brands

#1 Uwell
#2 Aspire
#3 Vaporesso
#4 Geek Vape

Top 5 E-liquid Brands

#1 Dinner Lady
#2 Riot
#3 Zeus Juice
#4 Elf Bar
#5 Doozy

Top 5 Vape Kit Brands


Renowned for: Consistent innovation and flavour.

This multi-award-winning brand has taken the lead when it comes to refillable pod kits. Founded in 2015, they produced a series of innovative tank designs but the brand really hit the stratosphere with the release of their highly regarded Caliburn series. This leading mouth-to-lung pod design produces one of the most flavourful vape experiences you can find anywhere. The secret is the Pro-FOCS flavour technology in their coils. This groundbreaking tech features precise temperature control and optimised airflow to ensure an authentic and multi-layered vape experience.

UWELL has since gone on to produce a range of powerful sub-ohm vape kits like the dragon-inspired Valyrian 3, as well as continuing the Caliburn series with their latest releases the ultra-compact GZ2 & AZ3 pod kits. Their vape devices are easy to use and consistently deliver outstanding and reliable performance. If you are new to vaping we highly recommend their Caliburn A3 series which was recently voted Best Pod Vape for Beginners 2023.


Renowned for: Well built and reliable

Aspire are where many of us started out back in the day. They were one of the first trusted brands on the market, producing reliable and solidly made vape kits. Their Nautilus range of mouth-to-lung tanks and patented BVC coils are synonymous with build quality, flavour and performance. In 2016 they released the Pockex, an all-in-one vape pen that is one of the best-selling vape devices of all time. If you visit a vape shop to purchase your first kit, there is a very good chance you’ll still be offered one, they’re simple to operate and dependable.

Aspire has brought more than a decade of experience with them into the new innovation of pod vaping with their versatile & stylish Flexus series, which won Best Pod Vape at the 2022 Vape Expo, and their Gotek pod kit is a highly affordable and lightweight beginner kit that is perfect for newcomers on a budget. If you are looking for a trustworthy and reliable brand then Aspire is your ideal choice.


Renowned for: Stylish kits & smooth draws

Established in 2015, Vaporesso produces high-quality vape kits ranging from elegant but powerful sub-ohm devices like the GEN 200 to their popular XROS pod range. Their focus on build quality and flavour production has made them firm favourites among new and seasoned vapers alike. Winning over 70 vaping awards worldwide in 2022, they consistently produce high-quality kits that deliver exceptional performance.

Vaporesso utilises an innovative Morph-Mesh wrapped in their patented Corex cotton that wicks your juice quickly and heats it rapidly and evenly. The result is one of the smoothest draws you’ll find in any kit and a dense vapour rich with flavour. Their kits are solidly built and designed to be lightweight and simple to use. They have a range of designs that cater to all tastes & vaping styles, with pod kits such as the Luxe XR Max which caters to every vaping style in an all-in-one compact and pocket-friendly device. A Vaporesso kit is a valued addition to any collection.

Geek Vape

Renowned for: Amazing durability and performance

Geek Vape and durability are synonymous in the vaping world. Established in 2015, they made a name for themselves with their rugged Aegis series of sub-ohm vape kits that carry an IP68 rating for water, dust and shock resistance. These robust kits are powerhouses that effortlessly pump out giant plumes of delicious vapour and house their advanced smart chip technology to give even the most demanding of seasoned vapers everything they need.


Recently, Geek Vape has released a range of beginner-friendly pod kits that have really stood out amongst the crowd. Built to last with the same durable high standard as their sub-ohm kits, these attractive pod vapes bring a touch of sophistication with their polished and modern design whilst providing one of the most satisfying and flavourful vapes out there. For superb build quality and remarkable performance, you can’t go wrong with Geek Vape.


Renowned for: Versatility and flavour

Established in 2020 OXVA is a rapidly growing e-cigarette brand. Founded by Justin Lai during the pandemic, their aim is to become the most trusted brand in the industry and they’re certainly off to a great start. The newcomers focus on producing the most flavourful vape experience possible and have a range of versatile MTL and powerful sub-ohm pod kits that have quickly become popular among vapers. The build quality of their kits is excellent, offering a wide range of intuitive functions that allow you to customise your vape while still maintaining a simplicity that is effortless to operate.


The flavour you get from these kits cannot be understated. They produce a dense vapour with a richness and complexity in taste that really makes your e-liquid pop. Their Xlim series of MTL & RDL pod vapes won the award for Best Open Pod System in 2022 with special mention given to their flavour and draw. If you are just starting out or looking to try another brand for your next upgrade you should definitely give OXBAR a look.

Top 5 vape kit brands

Dinner Lady

Renowned for: Scrumptious desserts, realistic flavours

Home of the iconic Lemon Tart flavour that made them world-famous, Dinner Lady was established in the UK in 2016 and since their launch has since gone on to win nearly every vaping award you could think of from Industry Leader to Best Brand and even Hall of Fame with flavours that have been described as uncanny. Their reputation for producing some of the most realistic-tasting vape juices has turned them into a global vaping giant.


Dinner Lady has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in the UK and is an industry leader in quality control, meeting the stringent standards of the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). You can look forward to a nostalgic collection of classic British desserts, fruit treats or more traditional tobacco and menthol options that can be enjoyed in any vaping style you choose, whether it be refillable pod kits, sub-ohm cloud machines or discreet disposables, Dinner Lady has got you covered.


Renowned for: Flavour and throat hit

Riot started out with a mission to help people quit smoking, launching their brand in 2015 they launched a series of six punchy fruit shortfills that are firm favourites to this day. Following this success they released a range of unique hybrid nic salts, blending freebase nicotine and nicotine salts to deliver the most realistic alternative to the feel of smoking. The result was a resounding success leading to multiple awards and bestowing Riot with a reputation for high-quality flavoursome e-liquids.


Riot is now one of the largest e-liquid brands in the UK, they’ve released a range of disposable vapes as well as mouthwatering disposable flavours for refillable kits. One of the core principles of Riot is its commitment to sustainability, they boast carbon-neutral shipping on all their orders which they achieve by contributing a percentage of every order to support companies that develop cutting-edge technology to remove carbon dioxide from the air. A Green brand with an unflinching approach to quality and flavour that can’t be missed.

Zeus Juice

Renowned for: Strong flavours and creative blends

The nectar of the gods, Zeus Juice opened a shop in Birmingham, UK in 2014. They produce a wide variety of some of the best-tasting e-liquids in the UK, we’re talking strong flavours with intricate and well-balanced blends. Their delicious combinations include award-winning fruit and menthol combos like Black Reloaded which won e-liquid of the year in 2022 and Best Menthol in 2020. If you are a dessert fan, you are in for a treat with Midas, one of the creamiest vanilla flavours and Death by Bunny which is arguably the best strawberry & cream flavour out there.


A family-run business, Zeus has invested in ISO class 7 facilities and produces over 420 000 bottles a week. Lately, they have introduced two budget ranges; Proper Vape and BOLT that cater to an even wider range of flavours without scrimping on quality or taste. If you are looking to explore a wide choice of options that consistently deliver rich and satisfying flavour, then Zeus Juice could be your new go-to brand.

Elf Bar

Renowned for: Super sweet disposables

The name Elf Bar is synonymous with disposable vapes, voted the Best Disposable Vape 2022, they consistently produce the most globally popular disposable bars, and the reason for this popularity is their flavour. Their kits deliver an ultra-smooth vape experience and their flavours set the benchmark for sweetness. The vaping industry, however, is pivoting away from this wasteful design concept to embrace more economical refillable kits. Elf Bar has embraced this change with their release of Elf Liq, a collection of their much loved disposable flavours in handy 10ml nicotine salt e-liquids for pod kits and vape pens.


Elf Bar can be credited with really upping the game in terms of flavour concentration and sweetness, which has ignited a revolution of 10ml Disposable Bar flavoured nicotine salts, with practically every well-known manufacturer jumping on board. If you are new to the vaping world and want a stepless introduction to what vaping has to offer Elf Bar won’t disappoint.

Doozy Vape Co.

Renowned for: Accurate flavours and high quality ingredients

Doozy are skilled artisans crafting some of the finest e-liquid flavours in the UK. They began their journey in 2015 and have consistently produced award-winning juices across the full spectrum of flavours and vaping styles. Their e-liquids are manufactured with the highest quality ingredients and this really shows itself in the flavour. Doozy’s range of 50:50 freebase and nic salt e-liquids offer a huge selection of highly affordable flavours from standard tobaccos, to menthol and delicious fruit and drink options and they are an excellent choice for new starters looking for a reliable and satisfying brand that is budget-friendly.

For lovers of high VG e-liquids Doozy really shines with a range of fruit and dessert flavours that are highly sought after for their potent and mouth-watering taste. Their Liquid Gold is a sublime vanilla custard and their Big Drip series has one of the best blue raspberry flavours on the market. Doozy is a must-try brand that is big on flavour and consistently hits the mark.


There is a multitude of top-notch brands out there but the ones that have made it to our list represent not only excellence but consistency as well. Once you’ve found a brand that tickles your fancy, have a browse on our website, shop around and we are sure that you will find the perfect fit! If you would like to know more about vaping, kits and e-liquids take a look at our Blogs & Guides section.


If you have made a purchase with us and have any questions about your products, please feel free to contact our customer service team who will be happy to assist you.

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